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Demon Art from the Heart


This week was the Greenway art show; The art show was from April 22nd through April 26th. The variety of artwork and photography are great this year. Every student had done amazing job with their pieces.

Jaedynn Emery got third place.

Aubrey Krezmien got second place

Amanda Phillips got first place

Bronson Soza got first place.

Lina Rodriguez.

Kayla Millier

Charcoal piece by Alexa Holzinger.

Art piece by Zoe Morrison

Gavin Richards got honorable mention



Aislyn Molina Villela got second place

Emilia Winans got second place

Lilliana Hardy got first place


Vicki Li photograph got first place

Amber Hobbs got first pace

Katy Churchwell

Mindy Schilling


Jocelin Ramirez

Sierra Stinnett

Leanna Mainville

Safoora Syeda

Mackenzie Clement

Greenway has an amazing group of kids who are creative and good at opening there mind to draw and take take pictures of beautiful things. Don’t take artwork for granted and go admire their hard work