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Teacher Down! Don’t Clown Around!


Everybody makes mistakes including the teachers here at Greenway.  We have all been in class when a teacher has an embarrassing moment, and they try to cover it up with a laugh or even awkward silence, but some students still notice it. Here are some of the Greenway teachers’ embarrassing moments.

Coach McDonald, one of the physical education teachers, said that her embarrassing moment happened during the advanced girls PE class. She was pitching for softball that day and a boy happened to join her class. “He was up to bat and I told him that he better not hit me. Next thing I knew, he hit the inside of my leg with a line drive.” Sure enough he did exactly what Coach McDonald said what not to do. “My leg hurt so bad that I wanted to cry! I couldn’t walk the next day and had a huge bruise for about three weeks and I also got a knot in my leg for multiple months.” The whole class witnessed her embarrassing moment. “Needless to say, I definitely do not pitch for boys anymore.”

Ms. Nelson, a freshman algebra 1 teacher had an embarrassing moment that occurred 12 years ago. While a test was going on in class, she happened to fall in between desks. “Only like four students saw; I fell over many backpacks though. It was really embarrassing,” Ms. Nelson said. As much as she was trying to be quiet, she still laughed as it was happening.


Mrs. Braun, the honors algebra 1 teacher and a counselor here at Greenway had an embarrassing moment 11 years ago. “I used to sponsor National Honor Society and was in an auditorium filled with nearly 200 sophomores and juniors. I was walking down the staircase that led to the from the stage to the audience when I suddenly fell.” She completely sprawled out on her face when she fell. “Of course I was a wearing a skirt that day,” Ms. Braun said. Luckily, a student helped her after she fell, but she broke some bones.


Ms. Apodaca said that her embarrassing moment happened around the 10th year of teaching. She was teaching while wearing cuffed capris and shoes that had heels on them. “The heels got caught on the cuffs of the pants, and I went flying in front of the entire class! So, that is where the rule ‘make sure I’m okay before laughing’ rule came from.”

Mrs. Cleis a math aide at Greenway, said that she forgets lessons that she has done many many times before. “While teaching a lesson I have already taught before and know how to do it, but my brain just stops working. It’s not like I want to forget the lesson; it just slips my mind,” Ms. Cleis said. She said that she has done it countless times before in front of a numberless amount of students.

Overall, we all have had our embarrassing and laughable moments. Even teachers make mistakes too. From saying the wrong things at random moments to falling flat on their faces in front of the entire class. Just think the next time you fall in front of your classmates, teachers have been right there next to you.