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Greenway’s Got Talent

It is known that shows, such as America’s Got Talent, are very popular today because they inspire people to pursue their passions and overcome their fears. As contestants walk into the spotlight; standing in front of the judges, the audience, and the camera’s, they manage to perform and amazingly.

On April 24th, Greenway hosted their annual Talent Show. Eleven of of Greenway’s talented students were picked to perform and show the school what they got. Mr. L comments how the contestants were chosen by him and the “theater officers” and how there were “students, that quite frankly, rose to the top right away, and were easy to say yes to, then there were some we had to fight over.”

Mr. L continues to explain how on the first day “not very many showed up so we were a little nervous” and that, at most, four showed up, “but the second day like twenty-something showed up to audition.” In the end, only eleven acts were chosen.“There were some great voices, and some great kids that didn’t make it in just because we had so many other great talents to show.”

When asked how he felt about the acts in Talent Show about to come, Mr. L said “The last few years we’ve had talented people that have been kinda one-variety of talent, and this year we have a lot of talented people but a huge swath of different categories of variety.”

Mr. L was correct about the different types of talents this year; after an interesting one-on-one introduction from Amanda and Simion, Brooke Garza sang the song “Don’t Rain on my Parade,” following after her, Dasia Neigh sang a beautiful song. After these two beautiful songs were sung, some chills were made for Abby Raffel as she showed her talent of baton throwing to the song “Welcome to the Jungle.”


Following up after Abby, Jasmine Kelly sang a heart-warming song known as “Why You Wanna,” the audience showed amazing support for her as she killed it. When asked how she felt performing, she stated, “Very nervous, I’ve done it before but I still was nervous up there.”

After this, Sam Watson and Michael Gallagher performed live version of “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd; many of the parents, in the audience, were almost too thrilled to hear this duet! When asked how it felt to perform, Michael stated how “it was fun, and kinda a blur I guess.” The advice he gave to future talent show contestants was to “make sure you practice and have fun with it.”


In the end of their performance together, it was time for Jessica Powell’s original dance; and as soon as the music went off so did the crowd! The song “Bon Bon Chocolate” by Everglow was Jessica’s choice of music; different than most of peoples choice of music today, but very interesting. “My dance style, well for me, when I dance I like to put on a show. That is why I chose the song, cause it had a fun energy to it and it was something I can have fun with.” Jessica states.


Although it was hard to say goodbye to Jessica’s original dance, it was time to watch Lovely perform a live violin act of “Crystallized” by Lindsey Stirling; the crowd was very excited to hear this tune-beauty!

“Wreckless Love” was sung next by Halle and Sabrina, along with a live guitar! Their beautiful voices paired together was what many would say “music to the crowds ears.”  

At the end of Sabrina and Halle’s performance, it was time to see a production “totally normal,” and “not weird at all.” Keegan Rhoads in a Deadpool outfit singing “Take On Me” by A-Ha; what started as an angelic melody, turned into a fascinating sight to see when he incorporated his own strut of moves.

After Keegan’s entertainment for the crowd, where even Simon left the stage to join the audience and “watch the show,” it was Abby’s turn to sing “Like I’m Going to Lose You,” by Meghan Trainor. When asked how she felt performing, she answered “it was a lot of fun, it came easy for me,” and for future singers or contestants she stated to “never give up, even if you mess up, just keep going.”

The final act of the night was an outstanding group act performed by Greenways students; a mash-up of the best hits by a group themed as Frat Boys. As they lit up the stage with their stunning dances, they may have also stolen some of the crowds hearts.

In the end, it was time for the votes; First Place won $100, Second Place won $20, and Third Place Won $10. The Third Place winners were Sabrina and Halle, The Second Place winner was Jasmine, and finally The First Place winner was Keegan.

When asked how he felt about his performance, he stated “I was extremely nervous my knee caps were about to vibrate off,” the after questioned about the win he commented “I got nervous, then I felt my heart start pounding, until Mr. L mentioned how the winner got it just for the outfit, I was surprised; I did it just for fun, I honestly did not expect to win.”