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Views on the Biggest 2018 News


2018 was filled with a whole lot of news stories, both good and bad. Students were asked what the most important news story of 2018 was to them and why.  Their responses were interesting and in some cases surprising.

For senior Emily Martin, the Red for Ed walk out was the biggest news event. The Red for Ed walk out happened in March when the majority of the valley’s teachers left the classroom and marched downtown demanding more money for education.

Martin said, “It impacted me the most, because we were not able to go to school for almost two weeks. I believe it could have been handled in a better way. Children needed to still go to school while the teachers fought for better school funding.”

Ms. Nelson, a science teacher here at Greenway, said the biggest news event for her was the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

His conformation occurred on October 6th. Nelson said, “It stuck out to me the most because I felt it was one of the ugliest displays of American nature.”

The conformation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court means “more conservative voices on the bench” of  the Supreme court. During the conformation hearing, a woman named Dr. Christine Blasey Ford come forward and claimed she remembers a time in college where Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. The facts of the altercation were highly disputed between the sides.

Citlaly Marquez, a freshman here at Greenway, said the biggest news event of 2018 was the California wildfire. Marquez said it stood out to her as the most important because “the fire killed so many people while also destroying homes, buildings and the forest.”

The fire killed more than 80 people, some of them civilians and others were firefighters. Marquez also said, “It’s sad that these people’s lives couldn’t have been spared because it started as a camp fire and could have been prevented.”

Kailey Scherf, a freshman, said “the government shut down, in my opinion, was the biggest news event.”

The shut down was a record breaking 35 days, lasting into the beginning of 2019. The shut down happened because President Donald Trump and the Democratic leaders couldn’t make an agreement for a budget to fund the border wall. During this shut down, federal employees were not paid making the public rise up and speak their opinion on the shut down. Scherf said this event stuck out to her the most because “it seemed to cause a big problem, and a lot of people were talking about it.”

Samantha Popovici, a freshman, said the most impactful event of 2018 was the shooting in Parkland, Florida, at Stoneman Douglas High School. Seventeen students were killed in this shooting massacre. Nikolas Cruz, the shooter, was later found in a McDonalds and arrested. This massacre later started the ‘March for our Lives Protest’.

2018 was a very crazy year filled with a lot of good and bad things. So, let’s all hope 2019 treats us better.