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Throwback TV that We Want to See


Over the years, many favorite television shows have come to an end. If it was up to some, they would have the tv show continue forever. Here is a list of TV shows Greenway students would love to comeback:


Junior Anna Maire Patnaude said she would bring back Hannah Montana. She “watched it every single day when [she] was younger.” No matter what was going on in the show, there was something dramatic happening. Patnaude said, “[she even] tried to pretend to be Hannah Montana.”


Junior Sydney Gould used to always watch iCarly growing up. It was very enjoyable because “It was a unique show compared to other series.”


Freshman Ricky Sotelo really enjoyed watching the Regular Show. “It was a really good show because of the dumb humor it had,” Sotelo said.

Junior Tiahna Newman’s favorite was The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Newman used to watch the show all time when she was younger. It was a good show to her because of “the adventures he [would go on] and all the gadgets he created.”


Sophomore Janelle Ramos would want SpongeBob to continue. She said, “It had many great episodes, and I wish there were new ones.”  The main reason she would like to have it back is because every character in SpongeBob had amazing personalities, and that’s what made it enjoyable to her.


Junior David Peña enjoyed Drake and Josh because it had brotherly and sisterly humor that you would see in real life. It’s an iconic show because of the episodes they had. “It was just flow of chaos,” Peña said.


Junior Devon Day would also like to have Drake and Josh back because it was her favorite show when she was a child. “It was a good show because the story line was funny, and I am a big fan of the actors and actresses,” Day said.

Junior Aubrey Hodges said, “I would bring back Shake It Up.” Hodges grew up on the show as a child. “[It’s a good show because] of the dances [they had on the show]. Plus Bella Thorne and Zendaya are amazing actresses and dancers.”


Junior Vivian Hernadez said, “Kim Possible [was] one of my favorite shows”. She wants it to come back because it had really good plot themes and great adventures.

As the years went by, television ended many students’ favorite shows. But the shows will always be enjoyable to the people that remember them.