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The Debate About Making Greenway Safe


According to nypost.com, five percent of schools have metal detectors and better security than most. Right now, there are 81 metal detectors in over 1,000 public schools. Many people think that there should be armed guards on campuses but only in public schools. Others believe that it would negatively affect the students’ learning environment.

Mr. Feldman, the Assistant Principal of Operations and Resources, said, “Having metal detectors may make people feel safer knowing people are checked, but it may have the opposite effect as well in making people think that we have a problem here with guns, knives and such.”

“I think there are certain situations where there is a problem where they (metal detectors) would be useful to make sure all students and staff are safe and protected. I don’t believe a blanket solution fits the needs of every school, and each (school) needs to get a solution that is right for them.”

“I do think it would have an impact here at Greenway. I think all situations are different and if at such a time where we believe there might be a problem, the safety of all the students and staff would be most important.”

Freshman Lindsey Bramer said that the overall environment shouldn’t change much.

“No students should be scared because they shouldn’t have anything bad on them. I do not want this to happen; even though, more security is not bad. Metal detectors are like an invasion of privacy,” Bramer said. Bramer thinks that Greenway should have more security but not to the point where students view the school as a prison.

Tianna McCall, a freshman, said that the overall environment would feel more like a prison if students at Greenway would have to walk through metal detectors.

“It’s sad that the world has come to the point where schools are considering having metal detectors installed,” McCall said. “I can see how it will be beneficial, but I feel like it would be a really harsh reality check for the world we live in today, so I don’t know if I would want schools to have metal detectors.”

Compared to the other schools that are bigger on security, McCall said that “we have a good amount; it’s not too overbearing but not too lenient”. If it were to happen, she would want all schools to have better security to an extent.

Ammalia Walker, a freshman, said that if Greenway were to get metal detectors, people will feel safer because everyone will know that no one has a gun with them. However, she would not want this to happen because it would be an invasion of privacy. Compared to other schools that are bigger on security, she said that the security here at Greenway should stay the same.

Freshman Kaitlin Feeley said that if students had to walk through metal detectors it would “make the school safer, and parents could potentially feel safer with the thought of their kids going to a safe school”.

“I think Greenway should have more security than the other schools who are bigger on this type of thing. This is because due to the dangerous situations, it would make students and parents feel more comfortable,” Feeley said.

Feeley believes that Greenway should “up” their security because “it would provide comfort to students and parents. It would also boost Greenway’s status to a higher class school.” Feeley also said that all districts should have better security to ensure everyone’s safety. However Feely said, “Armed guards are a little too much for school.”

Freshman Madison Hardy said that she believes that the overall environment wouldn’t really change because students shouldn’t really be worried unless they have something bad on them.

“I don’t want this to happen because I don’t think it is completely necessary. I don’t think Greenway should need armed guards since there haven’t been any incidents at school where we would need them.” She does not think there would be a big impact if Greenway got armed guards because there haven’t been any need for them, so students should not be scared if it were to happen.

Many schools felt the need to tighten their security due to obvious reasons. The cost of an average metal detector ranges from $1,000 to $30,000. That money could have been used to go towards supplies for the students and staff. But some schools do, in fact, need more security.