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The Bout With Drop Outs


Students drop out every day. Did you know that according to the Phoenix Business Journal over 1.2 million students a year drop out? That’s about 7,000 a day, and 1 every 26 seconds. In the Untied States alone, approximately 25% of freshman do not graduate on time. In the state of Arizona, the high school drops out rate of 22.6%. That means that just under one in five students in Arizona graduate.

“I think it some times (students dropping out) has to do with stuff going on at home,”  English teacher and school intervention specialist Ms. Fowler said, “or some times students just do not see value in their education, so they choose to drop out.”

Assistant Principal Ms. Di Meola said something similar to Ms. Fowler, “I think there are a lot (of reasons), such as students wanting to be independent. Also I think a lot of it has to do with home life and personal family struggles. Some students believe there is no point to attending high school. They do not think they need it, and over all that some students just do not see any value in school.”

Ms. Di Meola said there are many disadvantages to losing your opportunity to get your diploma, and it closes a lot of doors for your future employment.

Ms.Fowler had some thing to say about the disadvantages to, “It just makes everything harder with getting a good job. Your high school diploma is very often something jobs look at.” Did you know that the unemployment rate of high school dropout is 12%?

Both Ms. Di Meola and Ms. Fowler said they do not have the exact numbers of Greenway’s drop out rate, but they said very similar things such as, the drop out rate here at Greenway is very low. Ms. Di Meola said, “We having been doing a good job with keeping our students enrolled.”

According to Ms. Di Meola and Ms. Fowler there is way more than a few ways we try to keep students from dropping out. “We have a lot of supports in place for our students such as: offering credit recovery classes to help students make up any missing credits, having our social worker and counselors help guide students (with one on one meetings).  The District offers online academy classes, and we also offer classes here on campus to make up classes during zero and 8th periods. We have the link crew team  to help make sure students feel comfortable, and we have great leaning disability programs to make sure each and every student feels like they have a chance to succeed.”

High School can be very difficult especially for students who are dealing with issues at home, but Greenway has made it a priority to do everything possible to ensure that students have the opportunity and support to receive their high school diploma.