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Secret Crush Will Make You Blush


For the third straight year, Demons placed anonymous compliments into the LOVE box for their secret crushes.  These messages weren’t signed, so it was up to the object of their affection to determine who thinks they are all that and a bag of chips.

Isaac Castro –“I’ve loved you since freshman year: it sucks we never dated, but I’ll forever love you no matter what.”

Rosalinda Mota-“You’re the prettiest girl ever; I seriously can’t wait until you’re single again.”

Sarah Foster-“You are a cool girl, and I want you to be my girlfriend.”

Andy Ramirez-“I loooove youu! Thank you for showing me so much love always. You’re something different in my life that I will always, forever be grateful for. Also, thank you for all the goodies you always give. You’re the most supportive man ever. I looove youuu <3 ”

Bradley Glass –“I’m so lucky to have you; you mean so much to me. I can’t wait to spend my life with you.”

“You are so cute; you should hit my line”

Justin Santos-“You’re nice, awesome, and sweet. I love you so much”

Jessica Botello-“So happy you’re single again; can’t wait to see you”

Logan McMillan- “U cute boo *big smooch*”


Alexis Williams-“You are the most beautiful girl in the world”

Brandon Martinez-“Thank you for being my big goof-ball; I love you so much”

Victoria Marek-“Happy Valentines Day; you’re pretty and nice”

Dempsey Lunog-“You’re the love of my life”

“You are sooooo cute”

Barkot Surafel-“I love you, Mi amor”

Brooke Burden-“Every morning your smile makes my day. Your rosy cheeks, your magnificent eyes, everything. You make me smile. I always look forward to seeing you.”

Kayla Kerbaugh-“Kerbie, I love you so much; I wish you knew.”

“Kerbie, you’re amazing and beautiful. Kerbie, you’re perfect in every way, I wish you liked me back.”

Daisy Caro-“I love you bbg!”

“I love you so much. You are the love of my life.”

Shelby Vosskuhler-“I love you.”

Julia Romero-I’m madly in love with you. You make me so happy.”

“I’m in love with you. Let’s go to the dance.”

Alexander Spiric-“Your smile is so contagious, and you are a fairly attractive human being.”

Hugo Merin-“I love how you were a cheerleader.”

“I have liked you for a while, and I wasn’t sure how to tell you. Love ya bes frien.”

Abigail Grace-“You know who I am. You make my heart melt. Let’s keep talking.”

Jonah Shupe-“You’re cute. Be my boo.”

Bailey Defoor-“I don’t know you; do you want to be friends?”

Marissa Hendrickson-“Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good. -Spider-Man”

Jose Leyva-“Jose, our love story is better than any tella novella! I love you, and I can’t wait to get to hang out at prom with you, my true boo.”

Kenna Vanernoord-“You’re cute, be mine?”

Brianna Pinnell-“Love you!”

Dalila Flores-“Hey, remember you’re a bad. Love you Dalila”

Tessa Lunog-“You’re cool”

Michael Gallager-“You are what I love”


Samuel Watson-“You’re beautiful”

Ricardo Hernandez-“You have the fattest heart; it makes me want to explode”

Zachary Bauer-“I miss our times at Cinnabon together. Now the only times I see you is in 3rd hour English.”

“Your golden curls are like waves that drown me with love. Every day I sit in agony until you show up in math… I look forward to our time together”

“Love that night we hung out; we should do it again”

Tommy Mullings-“Why you so thicc?”

Celeste Neely-“It’s cuffing season, so date me please?”

Melanie Cruz-“Sup sexy”

Thu Thai-“You’re amazing and sweet; you’re my best friend and I love you”

Josmara Garces-“Are you today’s date? …Because you’re 2/14 I’m just kidding. I love you, and you don’t even know how much you make me happy! Well, you do… but I love to remind you. Have a wonderful day I uhh…uhhh…love you. I’m sure your card will be so much better than mine but I looove you. My only, I’ll say much more in person…okay, okay..uhh MERRY CHRISTMAS”

Keegan Rhodes- “Mr. Stark, you’re the best person ever. I’ll see ya again after Endgame, hopefully. <3”

Megan Mattingly-“Megan is the love of my life. I wish she would see me but I’m invisible to her. I love you, can I have one of your volleyball hoodies, my love?”

Jeremy Smith –“I really like you, you’re such a cutie ;)”

Matthew Breshears-“You’re pretty sexy and you look fresh every day”

Brandon Leak-“You’re so cute, be mine”

Madison Stevens-“You’re really pretty”

Isaac Gonzales-“You’re pretty cute”

Fermin Cruz-“the Goat”

Chance Stephens-“You’re the best I’ve ever met”

Marian Fish-“You’re the fishiest fish I have ever met. I will always have your back, love ya”


Jonas Sauce-“I like your eyes”

Angel Benitez- “You’re pretty cool”

Milo Apodaca- “Your kneecaps looked really nice today; you should wear shorts more often”

Jenna Alcantar- “You’re such a cutie, I wish you were mine”

Daniel Craig- “You’re a cutie pie xoxo :)”

Kailyn Heath- “You are a QT pie”

Kenan Muminovic- “LS swap the world”

Ethan Archuleta- “I love you, bro. Can I see you on Friday?”

Kenton Fogle- “You give the best hugs big bear”

Lauren Smith- “You’re the Kelly to my Beyoncé”

Jacey Wilson- “You are the cutest <3”

Jenna Alcantar- “You are the sweetest, Jenna  <3”


Amanda Myers- “Amanda, you’re an amazing, sweet, sarcastic and great friend. I wish we talked more”

Elena Hernandez- “Elena, you are the most caring person I know. You are super amazing. I LOVE YOU!”

Dainera Browen- “Stay cute and rich honey!”

Sean Krienke- “Mwah, ily”

Letzany Hernandez- “U cute”

Kayla Nyleen- “You’re probably going to put me in the hospital because you make my heart skip a beat”

Elise O’Neill- “You give off nice vibes”

James Lowery- “I’m obsessed with you in a none-creepy way!”

Zoey Johnson- “You’re cute and I love your dirt bikes”

Daniel Straker- “You’re a cutie and a half :)”

Bebe Land- “You already know who this is but I just want to remind you that I love you so much and that you’re my everything. You are so epic!”

Elizabeth Polimeni- “We’re about to be the best couple on valentines day. Let’s make Thursday the best valentines day yet”

Jade Ho- ” What an amazing person you are! You don’t need a man”

Lindsey Bramer-  ” Thank you for welcoming me to GHJ! love you!”

Autumn Jaycox- ” When I look at you my world stops, and I find myself starring every time”

Rosemary Santos- “You’re really kind and smart; however, I scare you daily and you are still scared by it otter but you’re awesome.”

Kenton Fogle- “You give the best hugs, my bear.”

Brandon Woodland- “I’m beary happy you’re in my class.”

Helene White- “I love you so much!”

Liam Jack- “You are perfect, and your smile is adorable. When I see you, you light up my world.”

Jake Rathbun- “I have a crush on you!”

Elizabeth Grabiec- “You are so hot, date me please.”