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One Desire if Your House is On Fire


Imagine that your house was on fire and you had to choose what was worth saving. Here is what some Greenway students said they would save if there house was in flames, how they would save it, and what they would do after escaping.

Genna Villegas, a freshman, said if she were in a house fire she would save her baby chest, the chest contains all of her baby stuff and her 1st experiences of when she was a little kid. She would save it by putting a blanket over the chest, so that it would not melt the chest and give her time to escape the flames. After she escapes the flames, she will go to her best friends house and look through her chest to make sure she has everything.

Freshman Marcellous Williams said he would save his pie-eating trophy from when he was 3 years old. He would grab it by doing eight back flips and then jumping out the window just to look cool. After he escaped the house, he would go to the mall and wait until the flames cooled down with his awesome pie-eating trophy.

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Emma Karp, a junior, said she would save her blanket because she loves her blanket.  Although it has no sentimental value to her, she loves her blanket. Karp would save it by taking it off her bed and putting it on by wrapping it around herself. While the fire is blazing, she would go to Africa and be as far away from the fire as she could be.

Christian Ojala, a senior, would save three boxes of his Jordans. He would save it by grabbing it and bolting out the door. After he escapes the fire, he would go to a hotel and stay over night until his house gets all better.

Houses are destroyed by fires all the time, and it’s sad because people lose the possessions they love and not many get the chance to save them. However, these four students know what to grab if their house catches fire.