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Is NJROTC for Me?


When students sign up to be a part of Greenway’s NJROTC program they have committed to joining a group that believes in respect and  leadership. Greenway’s NJROTC group has been proven time and time again that they are one of the best units in the State by beating out other high schools in their competitions, performing in festivals and Navy events. Greenway’s NJROTC also is one of the leading volunteer organizations on campus.  The cadets tirelessly work sporting events, assemblies and a bevy of other ceremonies and causes.

What is this class about and what will it teach the students currently enrolled in it?

Chief Corey Stevens: “Many students tend to shy away from participating in a JROTC program because they have no intention of joining the military after finishing high school. But what many students may not know is that JROTC teaches skills that colleges and employers want but aren’t typically taught in a high school curriculum. Regardless of your military intention, JROTC helps cultivate skills that position you better for success inside and outside the classroom.”

What is your overall opinion on the recruits currently enrolled in your ROTC class?

Chief Corey Stevens: “Well first they are cadets, not recruits.  We give the term “recruit” to those that are currently in “Boot Camp”.  The cadets of Greenway NJROTC are amazing young men and women who are committed to selfless service and leading the way in for community service at Greenway.”

How long have you been in the military yourself ?

Chief Corey Stevens: “I Retired from the Navy after 21 years of service. You have to be retired from the Military  in order to teach JROTC.  I served as a Logistics Specialist and Career Advisor assisting Sailors with improving their careers.”

How does it feel to teach these students your prior knowledge and experience in the military?.

Chief Corey Stevens: “I’m here because I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge with today’s youth.  It’s an honor to be able to be a ground level of the future generation of our country.”

Have you noticed any changes in the students in your class?

Chief Corey Stevens: “Change with the cadets happen every day. They become accustomed to respecting themselves and those around them.  They carry themselves differently which comes from gaining confidence and courage. They also gain a respect for what they have and being more fortunate than others and giving back.”

What do students like the most about this class?

Chief Corey Stevens: “Cadets enjoy the comradery and friendship from JROTC.  It’s like a family and team atmosphere the entire school year.  Most sports have seasons but JROTC provides that feeling the entire school year and throughout the summer.  They also enjoy the opportunity of giving back to the community and the various JROTC competitions held during the school year.”

What is the hardest part about this class to some students?

Chief Corey Stevens: “The “hardest” part for some seems to be the physical fitness aspect of JROTC and having to follow student leaders for those that struggle with learning discipline.”

Without a doubt, Greenway’s NJROTC program has helped many students build inner discipline and strength. For some it may lead to careers in the military, but our school is certainly lucky to have such a strong program on our campus.