A Project for Better Journalism chapter

Greenway 2050


Imagine it’s the year 2050, and you step outside to switch classes, and you see an escalator for stairs and a moving sidewalk to help transport students to class.

In the year 2050 Greenway will have so much new technology students wouldn’t even be able to understand it yet.

Instead of having to go to the attendance office every student will have a chip inserted in their arm that will let the attendance office know where they are at all times.  In the year 2050 all traffic will be controlled by self driving cars and students should always be on time.  This would help the staff know who is where, and save time from students having to leave class.

Students will also be able to pre-order their food from the cafeteria. There lunch pods or boxes would be delivered to their classrooms after third hour through a vacuum tube connected to the cafeteria.  There would be no interaction with the cafeteria staff, and the school would mostly use robots to prepare food in mass quantities.

One of the biggest differences in the classroom would be the Smartboards.  They would be replaced with hologramboards to save space. Along with the idea of students sitting on futuristic chairs and no work would be done on paper; therefore, there would be no need for a desk. Students will feel like they’re at home in their own beds, and students would never feel uncomfortable.

Teachers would be programed robots who make sure that all lessons throughout The District would be taught exactly the same, and the bots would be programed to answer students’ questions. Of course, students would have the option to do all of their schoolwork online from home if they so desired.

P.E. classes as games would played through Wii Sports type devices. Also traditional team sports would become a thing of the past. Competitions would be played through video games because schools would no longer carry insurance for contact sports. There would be no games of basketball on the courts or games of football on the field. It would all be done through a simulation on a gaming console.

History class would be displayed through a virtual reality head piece. Students would put on as a pair of glasses and be able to see what happened in the past instead of just having to read about it. The graphics would be so realistic that students would truly feel terrified on the Civil War battlefield.  History would come to life, and students would have a greater appreciation for the true cost of war.

Greenway will still have school dances, but students will be coupled according to a compatibility program based on interests and academic success. Students would be required to wear body cameras as inappropriate hugging or kissing would be strictly forbidden.

If a student is seen misbehaving on campus an electric shock would be transmitted into the students body until the undesired behavior ceased.  The level of electricity would vary according to how much shock it takes to make the student comply.

It’s the future and anything can happen.