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Best of the Rest


On the evening of February 6th, Greenway’s stars walked the red carpet in our school’s version of the Academy Awards. Principal Barnes was the master of ceremonies which was held in the packed District Office Board Room.  There were so many Demon supporters there to see the spectacle that the other eight schools’ principals had to stand in a hallway during the 45 minute celebration of Greenway.

The first honoree was Ms. Fowler (pictured above) who was named teacher of the year.  She talked about her love for her colleagues and her students who she has spent the past 17 years with. Next up, it was time to honor Greenway’s student of the year.

Fowler says that she feels so “humble, excited, and appreciated,” for being given the honor of receiving the award. She goes on to express her gratitude to her coworkers. Upon first finding out Fowler says she was happy and appreciative toward receiving the award. Fowler says receiving the award won’t change how she goes about her teaching. She is “still naturally looking to improve my teaching always.”

Mr. Barnes talked about the student Achievement Above All winner Barcoat Surafel’s (pictured above) amazing dedication and attitude and Barcoat talked about how she always looked forward to becoming a Demon, and she took every opportunity to get the most out of her high school experience.

“I feel super honored to get this award,” Barkot Surafel said. Surafel continues on saying that there are many students at Greenway who are just as deserving of the award. Her initial reaction to receiving this award was “surprised and just super insanely honored.” Surafel says that it was a huge surprise that she had been chosen for the student Achievement Above All award. When asked if she thought it would change how she interacted with her peers, she says not at all.

The third Achievement Above All award went to a group of guys who brought get excitement and pride to the land of the Green and Gold.

Coach Cook (pictured above) talked about bringing a family atmosphere to the program, and the power of unity as a team. Finally, it was time to appreciate our hardworking school social worker Ms. Adams (pictured below).  Mr. Barnes explained how Ms. Adams strives to assist Greenway students with issues they are dealing with at home and at school.  Without a doubt, it was a special night that put Greenway in her best light.

When football coach Ed Cook was asked how it felt to be honored in such a way he replies, “it’s an incredible honor for the football program to be recognized for our efforts by the faculty and staff at Greenway.” Cook goes on to explain that a great amount of time and effort goes into being part of the team even in the off-season. “There are other great programs on this campus but nothing brings out school spirit than having a winning football team,” Cook explains.

Coach Cook says that it was “rewarding and humbling” to receive the award and to know that others acknowledge the time and effort the and the entire team put into the sport. He says that moving forward they will “stay the course and embrace the grind as always. As long as we adhere to our core values of relentless effort, competitive excellence, and power of unit we will continue to represent Greenway High School and our community with the upmost dignity and pride.”

The fourth honor was given to the Support Staffer of the year.  Greenway’s social worker Ms. Adams deservingly won the award because of her dedication to helping students deal with their problems on and off campus.

Ms. Adams (pictured above with Principal Barnes) said, “It is very nice to be recognized for the work I do.” When she first received here triple A award, Adams says she was surprised and “honestly a little shocked.”

Going forward Adams does not think it will affect her work in the future. She says that she will always “strive to be the best I can be for the students and staff on Greenway’s campus.”

Greenway is proud to honor the newest members of the Achievement Above All cast for their hard work and dedication to our school. The winners deserve the titles and are excellent representatives of Greenway.