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You Fool- Don’t Embarrass Me at School


Even though we don’t like to admit it, we’ve all had embarrassing moments in class. Sometimes no one sees or hears, other times the whole class does. Either way, it can feel like the whole world is watching when we make a fool of ourselves.

A freshman, who wishes to stay anonymous, was in 6th grade when her embarrassing moment happened. She was sitting in class when her mom came into the room and yelled at her for not cleaning her room. The angry mom stood there and yelled at her daughter in front of the whole class while everyone sat there, jaws dropped at what they were witnessing. The mom then excused her daughter from school, pulling her out of class to clean her room. The anonymous girl was so embarrassed at what happened she ended up moving schools after that traumatizing experience.

Kailey Scherf, a freshman, had her embarrassing moment happen to her on the very first week of school in Mr. Rafferty’s class. She was sitting in class when he asked a question and she yelled an answer very loudly, causing everyone to look at her. To make things worse, her answer was incorrect! This caused her a great deal of embarrassment when she was corrected.

Claudia Seien, a freshman, was in her 7th-grade social studies class when she tripped and fell to the ground. She said she “wasn’t embarrassed and just started laughing with everyone else.” While all of this was happening, Seien said her teacher didn’t even notice.

Kennedy Rhine, a freshman, said she ” was on a choir field trip at Moon Valley High School when she saw a really cute guy,” which prompted her to ask her friends to go and ask him if he was single. While one of her friends was asking him, Mr. Rafferty, the choir teacher, commented on how “thirsty” Kennedy was. Rhine said she found it funny rather than embarrassing

Lilah Peña, a freshman, was in 4th grade when she was standing outside of her classroom with all of her classmates waiting for their teacher. Her brother walked by, saw her, and yelled the name of her secret crush. To make things worse, her crush happened to be her best friend at the time, yikes. Her classmates’ faces were all a mix of amusement and shock at what they had just witnessed. Unfortunately, Peña says her and him aren’t friends anymore.

Everyone has had their fair share of embarrassing moments. Now that you’ve heard these stories, maybe you don’t have to feel so embarrassed about that time you tripped over the freshman poles.