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We’ve Got Spirit! How about You?


School spirit is playing a part in your school and becoming involved in your community.  Showing pride and support for your school can create a sense of unity on campus as well. Good behavior and positive attitude are ways to show school spirit as well as striving for academic excellence. There are a variety of ways our Demons show pride for their realm of learning.

Greenway teacher Mr. Morales has worked at this school for twenty-seven years and defines school spirit as, “What you have when you are involved with an organization; it’s team pride.” When it comes to school spirit Mr. Morales does it all; he is involved in many activities and is the swim starter, Key Club sponsor, scoreboard and clock operator for varsity football games, and a variety of other things. “My favorite part about showing pride is that it’s contagious.”

It takes leadership to play a part in having spirit for your school. Mr Johnson, who has been working here for 26 years, refers to Greenway as his second home.

I think school spirit is something that involves pride. It can be wanting to do the best you can, writing a story for the school newspaper, or working on a school project and helping each other to be the best you can be. Getting to be involved in something that is bigger than yourself is something that you can take pride in, and it’s the best part about being involved,”  Mr. Johnson said.

Teacher Ms. Rearick plays her role regarding school spirit by dressing up and showing support for her students. “I like to dress up and surprise the students, and I try to go to a lot of the sporting events to see my students. I’ll get involved in faculty follies, assemblies and things like that. It’s like a chain reaction; I love seeing that the kids are more involved if they see the teachers are willing to be involved; it shows we care about our school, and for me it shows that I care about my students,” Ms. Rearick said.

Senior Dainera Browen said spirit is about being involved and making an effort to support the school, such as participating in spirit week. “We’re like one big family when we can come together to show support for our school,” she said.

Senior Daisy Tanner believes school spirit means teamwork, and that the school campus is like a team where the students can show how much they love Greenway.

Senior Haydon Levenda said Greenway is like no other school; it is truly amazing how a campus can come together as a community to support each other, and Greenway definitely has true school spirit.

School spirit is more than just supporting the school, it’s about supporting each other. These are the moments that one might never forget what it means to be a Demon.