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Weird Uber Experiences

Uber has become very popular because of its convenience. Many people are taking Uber rides instead of driving themselves. Although Uber seems very helpful, it can also put you in some awkward situations. Here are some students’ personal experiences with Uber.

“A weird Uber experience for me was when this one night I was going to a party with Emily Brunet and this man (Uber driver) was getting upset that his phone was having a hard time loading directions. He was cussing at his phone and the car smelled like cigarettes; his car wasn’t clean, and he did not seem friendly at all,” Junior Daisy Henderson said. “Another experience I had was when I took an Uber to an old friend’s house. The man driving was playing really weird music and kept looking at his phone. He was speeding and driving all weird; then he asked for my phone number. This is why I don’t take Uber anymore.”

Not all Uber experiences are weird or bad. “On my birthday last year, August 10, 2017. The car ride was fun because the driver was playing my music and gave us water,” Mckenzie Aune said. “I haven’t used Uber since, but I definitely will again in the future.”

“I was with my Aunt going to the Harry Styles concert in Los Angeles. He was a brand new Uber driver, (his) very first time doing it,” Serena Hayes said. “He kinda gave off a weird vibe. When we got in, he said we were very beautiful. He kept telling us how pretty we were and drove very awkwardly. He would speed up pretty fast and then would slam on the brakes with every stop sign. After this, I would still take Uber again, but I would want to make sure it isn’t the drivers first time.”

Some people have enjoyable experiences with Uber and some experiences not so enjoyable. Riders should always be cautious when using Uber by making sure they don’t put themselves in awkward situations.