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Staff Talent Show was a Go


Faculty Follies was definitely a night to remember. This production was directed for our students by Mr. Losenicky, the theater director here at Greenway. The show was made up of performances and skits by some of our favorite teachers and staff. Just in case you missed this magical night, here is good look into what went down.

The night started off with a funny performance by Mr. McKee and Mr. Barrett. In this performance they got ready for the day by using someone else’s arms. They did all their morning essentials such as brushing their teeth, shaving their faces, and even eating their morning meal. This was definitely a messy one but one of the funniest to watch.

Right before the next act we had Ms. Taglia and Mrs. Goguen sweep and dance their way across stage, cleaning the mess left behind from the previous act.

Next, we had some carpool karaoke with Ms. Fowler, Ms. Hamby, Ms.Gould, and Ms. Walp, all were sitting in a cardboard car singing along to some great songs like Meant To Be by Bebe Rexha, Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Cant Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake, and a few more great songs. Towards the end of this act, Mr. McKee was run over.

We also had an amazing performance with children’s instruments. This was preformed by Mr. May, Ms. Berg, Mr. Losenicky, and Mr.Rafferty.

There was a Bohemian Rhapsody performance by Mr.Barrett and Mr. McKee where they lip-synched their way through the song with a little choreography as well.

There was a great music performance by Mr. Yerger. He played a song on his electric guitar. Not only did he play guitar, but he played in a fake beard.

Another act by Ms. Berg and Ms. Kestle were dressed up as old ladies in walkers, grey hair and all. In this act, they tap danced together to a song.

There was also a great rap song about our very own Greenway high school sang by Mr. and Ms. Johnson.

Ms.Apodaca, Ms.Hamby and more did some very nice synchronized swimming together. They swam their way around the stage behind some cardboard waves and goggles on.

Our principal Mr.Barnes had some very special telekinesis for us. In one of the acts he showed a snow glob snow on stage. If that wasn’t enough, he later made a trash can lid open using only his mind (and his right foot).


We saved the best for last. Mr. Feldman, Ms. Di Meola, Ms. Fowler and Ms. Frias put on a great lip sync of a Kiss song. They were in big heels wearing lots of black clothes. In this performance we even saw Mr. Feldman spit out fake blood on the stage.