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Skate or Die


According to Google and Wikipedia, skateboarding, as we know it, was probably born sometime in the late 1940s, or early 1950s, when surfers in California wanted something to do when the waves were flat. This was called “sidewalk surfing” – a new wave of surfing on the sidewalk as the sport of surfing became highly popular.

What’s the most difficult thing about skating?

“Personally, commitment is difficult, for example, committing to tricks, stairs, or big drops. But I think the hardest part is having versatility in skating, or being good at street, vert (bowls), rails, stairs, and so on,”-Jacob Scurlock

“Progressing and improving are the hardest things about skating,”-Liam Jack

”To keep going and improving is probably the most difficult thing about skating,” -Jacob Rowswell

”Having patience and perseverance are the most difficult things about skating,”- Quentin Yazzie

Broome said the hardest thing about skating is the improvement.

“The most difficult thing about skating is being and staying committed,”-Hunter Moore

How do you think skaters are perceived?

”They are kind of perceived as jerks to most people because they grind on rails, ledges and other public property and some of them damage the property. Older skaters just naturally act like jerks and give us a bad reputation,”- Jacob Scurlock

”Skaters are perceived as goons,”-Liam Jack

”We’re perceived as thugs and vandals,” -Jacob Rowswell

“They’re gods to chill with,”- Quentin Yazzie

”Skaters are always pretty chill people to be around”,-Zane Broome

”Skaters are pretty cool and laied back most of the time,”-Hunter Moore

What’s your best trick?

“My best trick would be a kickflip, but only because skating isn’t my number one priority in life. It took me about a year and a half, but then again it took me longer because I don’t skate all day every day,” said Scurlock.

Jack said that his best trick would be a nollie bigflip, which took him about a day to learn.

Rowswell said that his best trick is a tre-flip, which took him nearly eleven years to learn.

Yazzie’s best trick would be a fakie half-cab.

“The best trick I can do is probably a varial heel,” said Moore.

What’s your favorite brand to rep?

Sophomore Jacob Scurlock said that his favorite skate brand to rep would be Spitfire. “They make some of the best wheels out there.”

Sophomore Liam Jack’s number one brand would be Vans. “They definitely make the best skate shoes,” said Jack.

Junior Jacob Rowswell and Sophomore Quentin Yazzie said that their favorite brand is Vans as well.

Sophomores Zane Broome and Hunter Moore said that the brand to rep is definitely Thrasher.

What’s on your skateboard?

Scurlock has Thunder trucks, Spitfire wheels, Bronson co. bearings, Primitive grip tape, and a Deathwish deck on his board.

On Liam’s board is a Deathwish deck, Thunder trucks, Mob grip tape, Spitfire wheels, and Bones Reds bearings.

“I have an Almost deck, Thunder trucks, Grizzly grip tape, Spitfire wheels, and Bones Reds bearings,” said Rowswell.

Yazzie said, “ My board has a panda on a cop car (enjoi brand) on it.”

Broome said that he just has a generic blank board.

Moore’s board is a Lurkville with Thunder trucks, Bones wheels, and Reds bearings.

Where do you skate?

Scurlock typically skates street, but sometimes skates at Union Hills and Rio Vista.

Jack usually skates street or at Union Hills skate park.

Rowswell skates around his neighborhood, at ASU and at Union Hills skate park.

Yazzie said that he almost always skates street.

Broome says he skates at Acoma Park and at ASU West.

Moore also skates at ASU West, but also skates street.

Rio Vista Skate Park in Peoria

Union Hills Skate Park

Skater at ASU West Campus

ASU West Campus