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Oh Say Can You See Mr. McKee


One of Greenway’s first year teachers has come back home to take control of the class.  Mr. McKee graduated as a Demon in 2014, and now he is teaching science at his alma mater.

Mr. McKee said, “The campus is really different from when I went here as a student. It rained one time and the bottom classes all got flooded; it was about 1 foot of water in the classrooms.” A lot of people he used to know told him it would be weird to be working with teachers that use to teach him, but he said it wouldn’t be weird at all.

McKee said, “The part that’s easy is getting the kids to laugh and the hardest is when they don’t want to learn at all.” When he was a student he was in all honor classes as a freshman, but as he progressed he started to drop the classes for normal ones because he said they were getting hard for him.

McKee said, “I love being tall but the jokes are getting old. The one joke I get a lot is ‘how is the weather up there?’ Someone told me to spit on them and tell them it’s raining as a joke, but it was tempting to do it.”

McKee decided to become a teacher because when he was a student he liked biology. He thought his teacher looked like he was having fun with his job. He said, “Yes I wanted to pursue a teaching career because I knew it would be really fun.”

The funniest thing that has happened to McKee was when he was getting used to teaching. Mr. McKee was walking back to the classroom and a student came up to him and tried to hit on him until he told her he was a teacher. “The advantages about being a young teacher is being able to relate with the kids and getting to make them laugh and getting to teach them.”

“The disadvantages are the open houses because the parents don’t think I’m the teacher; I look like a student and I have to show them that I know what I’m doing because to them young teachers don’t really know what they are doing.”

Tyler McKee told me that he had options on what to be. He considered being a paleontologist which is a person that deals with fossils. The second one was to be the first guy on Mars. He also wanted to be a lego designer or chicken farmer at one time.

Demons should be sure to wish Mr. McKee a warm welcome back to Greenway, and maybe ask how the weather is up there if you get a chance.