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Nickname Hall of Fame


Everyone has at least one unique nickname; some are funny, some are stupid, and some make perfect sense. Here are some of the most iconic nicknames here at Greenway.

“My nickname is Fishy,” sophomore Norman Heifner said. “My friends Mahala and Bailey were joking when I first got the name.” Heifner could not recall many of the events leading to his new nickname, but he remembered the moment he got it. “Mahala yelled ‘Fishy’, and they have been calling me that since the middle of freshman year.” Heifner said that he did not like the name because it was “too annoying and stupid.”


Sophomore Allen Windsor said his friends call him “Big Daddy AJ.” “I’m a lot of people’s ‘father.’ I give love, lectures, and humor to everyone, especially my ‘children.'” Windsor said that his closest friends would randomly walk up to him and say, “sup dad.” On the contrary, Windsor said no girls have said it yet. Windsor’s friends have only recently started calling him Big Daddy AJ, since September. When asked if he like the name, he said, “Yeah, of course. I love to be everyone’s ‘dad.'”

“Doodles,” sophomore Kelsy Pike said. “My grandfather gave it to me when I was five or six years old.” Pike said that she obtained the nickname since she enjoyed to draw and color all over her grandfather’s walls. “The nickname’s cool, but it is from when I was little, and now, its embarrassing. Although it is embarrassing, it’s pretty much my second name now.”


Freshman Katarina Vega said, “Everyone calls me Bowers because of my anger issues. I will randomly blow up with rage which, evidently, led to my nickname.”Vega said it all started in early elementary school, and it has followed her through her middle school years. “The name made me even angrier than I already was, so that is why I do not like the name.”

“Josh. Just Josh,” sophomore Haiden Gilsdorf said. “I sort of like it; it just gets a little confusing,” Gilsdorf said that it was like any other normal day with a substitute teacher in Japanese class when he got the name. “I told my friends my real name; they didn’t like it; therefore, I am now Josh,” Gilsdorf said. Now, not only do his friends call him Josh, but the entire Japanese class calls him Josh.

No doubt about it, Demons have some pretty astounding nicknames based on the character and actions of their friends.