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Is it Always Sunny with Lots of Money?


Do you need money to live a good happy life? Some believe money can lead to a stress-free life, while others believe it fills people with greed and does more harm than good.  Depending on what type of person you are, money may affect you a certain way. All class levels are capable of happiness, but can monetary gain further that?

Huge cash pile puts recovery in hands of the few

Freshmen Jai’Lynn Walker believes that “you need enough money for the essentials in life.” Because of that, Walker believes money can bring happiness.

Freshmann Katelynn Matherly retorted, saying that “money shouldn’t limit your ability to create happiness for yourself.”

Lots of people believe that with money, a person can get whatever they want. This produces the illusion that rich people should be happy. If that’s true, why are so many wealthy people depressed?

Walker believes some people with wealth suffer from depression because “they can be portrayed as selfish and overconfident, so we seem to look at them negatively instead of as normal.”

Matherly agreed, saying that “people probably expect a lot from them. They’re wealthy and successful, so they must have everything. With all those expectations, they must feel unable to speak about their problems.”

The sad, tragic, and unexpected death of Robin Williams showed us that even wealthy people can be battling something as severe as depression.

Looking at the opposite side of the spectrum, thousands of Americans are homeless and living in an endless cycle of poverty. Do you think some of those people would be happier with some money?

Walker said, “I think they would be happier because they need food, water, and a home. Money can get them those things, even if it only makes them slightly happier.”

Matherly said that “with money the could have shelter. Money may be the only thing that can make them happy at that point.”

Middle class people spend a large chunk of their lifetime working, but sometimes people hate their jobs and other times they love it. Walker believes you should choose a job you love because “If you love the job, it’s probably a passion of yours. So continue doing it.”Matherly said “you can still be successful with an average job.” She also explained why she wouldn’t choose a high paying job that she didn’t love, saying that, “going to a job you hate could lower your motivation and drive to put forth the effort. Being happy will make you more proficient.”

So, does money really bring happiness?

Walker said, “when money is needed for food, a house, and water it can bring happiness. After that, I don’t think it can because money can’t buy someone’s love.” Matherly agreed, saying, “No, because in the end you earned the money, creating your own happiness in a way. Even buying something for yourself can make you happy. The money was just a catalyst.”

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In reality, we’ll never know for sure if money brings happiness. George Lorimer once said “It’s good to have money and the things money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure you haven’t lost the things money can’t buy.” If you can live in peace and happiness while also being wealthy, you’ve succeeded in life. Unfortunately, many people haven’t found that Goldilocks state of mind.