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Good Ole Days Compared to Modern Age


Generations can vary greatly, whether it be their knowledge of technology, the music they listen to, or the clothes they wear. We’ve all had a grandparent ask why we pay for jeans with holes in them, right? These differences are shaped by the time and surroundings one may have, and it is because of these differences that each generation may have its own set of skills, knowledge, and experiences.

ShayLee Hepburn, a freshman here at Greenway, believes that the newer generations have more advantages because they have a variety of technology that most older generations did not. She said that some highlights of her generation tend to be the things that are taken for granted.

Some differences she notices in the generations are things like clothes, hairstyles and what is trending. She said, “Those things are all different compared to the other generations. We hardly even have to remember things anymore now that people carry everything they need in their back pockets,” Hepburn said.

She said that she would rather be a teenager now because, to her, life is easier and there are machines to do everything for her. However, she finds the increasing amount of school shootings to be alarming and finds it to be a source of sadness towards her generation.

Freshman Amberleigh Castillo said, “There are so many advantages to the newer generation.  Castillo said, “Everyone is on their phones in this generation; there are barely any human interactions anymore.” Between the choice of being a teen then or now, she chose then. She said that the way people talk about the past that it seems safer. Castillo said that people could go out without being afraid of what might be lurking around the corner. Lastly, she said that 9/11 is a huge point in time for her generation.

Rebekah Montgomery, a freshman, said, “The newer generations obviously have more advantages because there is better means of communication thanks to technology.”   Montgomery believes many clothing styles can overlap depending on the person.  She said that from generation to generation teenage activities have remained somewhat the same. She believes that, in some ways, things today are harder today than before.  She would rather be a teenager back then because “without the technology we have today, independence would be a lot easier to learn and grow from.” She believes the biggest event during her generation is Donald Trump being elected as president.


Erin Petersen, a freshman, said that the newer generation has more advantages. “Our generation has way more advanced ways of communication,” The older generations went to similar places that our generation goes to. She would rather be a teenager then because it seemed like times were easier. The biggest event that she noticed happened in her generation was the Florida shooting.

Senior Emily Martin said that the newer generations have more advantages because of the quicker access and communication through cell phones. Some highlights of her generation are the different variety of shows on Disney Channel. She said that times are easier now because there is technology doing your work for you. Instead of being a teenager now, she would be a teenager then because “they had actual music and cool movies.”

Without a doubt, there are obvious differences from generation to generation. One obvious difference is the amount of technology the newer generation has. A person can ask the internet a simple question like ‘what color is the sky’ and billions of answers will come up in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the successes of generations prior, people have been able to have a world that is more convenient for future generations. With each passing day we see changes of all kinds. It’s crazy to think that not too far from now, our generation will be considered the old days.