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Embrace the Change


Some people change, whether it be for better or worse.  Some of these changes will affect their lives drastically and others less so. Here are some examples of how students changed over four years.

Louis Picard, a sophomore, said his latest change is that he eats more than he used to. Picard had to deal with it by working out more. He says it was a good change for him.

AJ Hatton, a freshman, says his biggest change was technology. He dealt with it by adapting to it. Hatton says he believes it changes everybody over 60 and that money is a motivating factor in all the new tech.

Gio Navarrete, a freshman, says his biggest change is he got taller. He was short for most of his life, but he believes eating more has caused him to grow.

Sandra Peterson, an attendance worker in the office, says her biggest change was moving from Chicago to Phoenix, Arizona. She says Arizona has wonderful weather and a great environment. It affected her new family because they welcome her and appreciate her too. In the end it was a very good change for Peterson.

Many people in their lifetime change at one point, and these people are testament to that.