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Demon Twins are More Than Kin


Here at Greenway, we have many twins. But what is it really like to have a twin? Having a twin has many other factors along with just looking alike. A lot of twins are very close and feel more connected. These twins answered several questions on what it’s like to be a twin.

Juniors Kaylee and Kyle Kalaski are fraternal twins. When asked if they like having a twin, they both said they do.

“We are so different but so alike,” Kaylee said. “Yes because I have a friend to hang out with,” Kyle said. Kaylee said having a twin is like having a person just like her but a boy version. They both believe they are more attached just because they are twins. ” We share a birthday, we are alike, and we do similar things,” said Kyle.

Kaylee and Kyle Kalasky

Madison and Ashley Kriner, also juniors, say having a twin has its ups and downs but “it’s great to have someone to always go to and rely on.” Ashley Kriner said she likes and doesn’t like having a twin because people always compare her to her sister, but she always has someone there for her.

They both believe they are closer than other siblings. “We’re always together and know more about each other than other siblings,” said Ashley.

People get them confused a lot because they are identical twins. Some funny stories that they said were they trick people into thinking they’re just best friends who look alike. Also, Madison said they would always try to trick science teacher Mr. Mckee with who is who.

Madison and Ashley Kriner

Pooja and Priya Singh are very close twins. They both said they love having each other in their lives.

“Having a twin is like having a gift. You can relate to them and it’s like we are connected,” said Pooja. “We think of things similarly and can sometimes talk to each other through eye contact,” she said. Priya explains she believes twins are definitely closer¬† than other siblings. “We can never be apart for long periods of time and we do everything together. We choose each other over everything,” said Pooja. People get them confused all the time, but only the closer friends and can them apart. “If I was asked who my soulmate is, it’d be her no doubt,” Pooja said.

Pooja and Priya Singh

As shown, twins seem to be closer than other siblings. Twins can feel each others emotions an think alike. They have more similarities than just looking alike. having a twin seems pretty cool, and pranking people wouldn’t be too bad either.

Emma and Matthew Carp

Zach, Jessica, and Casey Boofer

For the most part, Greenway twins feel lucky to have a twin in their lives.  Some might even say that it makes for twice as much fun.