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Bizzcon Disappoints Gamers


Blizzard isn’t exactly know as the most money hungry gaming company out there, but with their most recent actions, they are starting to seem a little… out of touch. For almost as long as Blizzard has been known, Diablo has been a loved game series. With 3 games and almost 20 years of history, the game has been one of their biggest titles and its more than well deserved. Despite this game series being known for hardcore pc gamers, the company choose to release the next game for mobile devices, and mobile games aren’t highly regarded in the gaming community. This announcement hit most fans hard when many of its hardcore fans waited for their beloved game to get an add on or new game announcement; but were instead met with Diablo Immortal.

Choosing to go with mobile only wasn’t the only mistake that was made at Blizzcon. After the games announcement at Blizzcon there was a Q and A section of the convention. Understandably the fans were mad, and some decided to voice this, while some decided to ask serious questions. Blizzard in return failed to answer both of these kind of people.

One fan simply asking, and another fan asking the more honest question of “is this an out of season April fools joke?” After these two questions, Blizzards people on the stage responded with the now infamous quote, “Do you guys not have phones?” Showing just how disconnected the gaming company has become.

So then, why would they do something this uncaring towards one of their oldest games? Especially towards the diehard fans the game has. This year Blizzcon had fans flying in all over the world to see what Blizzard had in store for the upcoming year, many of these people very excited to see what was in store for Diablo. What they got instead was a show mainly for investors, with the new game mainly being meant for Chinese investors, where it will generate the company huge profits. Although after the event it was leaked that a pc Diablo was supposedly pulled last second, the damage was already done.

This year Blizzcon left more than a sour taste in the mouth of blizzard though, it also left their stock 7.2 percent lower than before. The company has been trying to recover from this unpredicted backlash, but Blizzards fans have been less than forgiving with the company latest move.