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Staff Marriages May Lead to Baby Carriages


Quite a few Greenway staff members are married to each other. There can be ups and downs as one might expect, but in the end staff members say having their spouse on campus is wonderful (of course they kind of have to say that to keep out of the proverbial “Dog House”). Some teachers that are married to each other here include: Mr. and Ms. Johnson, Mr. and Ms. Mason, Mr. Mrozinski and Ms. Braun (math teacher/counselor), and Mr. Losenicky and Ms. Taglia.

Mr. Losenicky and Ms. Taglia have been married for 11 years. “We met on EHarmony,” they said. The good things are they can drive together and also take care of things during the day.

Ms. Taglia said it’s helpful because they can discuss things and the other person will understand. It is hard because they will often be looked at as a couple all the time, and they will automatically be associated together.

“Recently, a student started complaining about her theatre teacher in my classroom.  Some of the students knew it was my husband, but I shushed them.”  She went on and on, but then she stopped to see why everyone was laughing.  Eventually, I filled her in on why people were laughing.  This sort of thing happens a lot,” Ms. Taglia said.

At school, they only see each other at lunch and that’s about it. They would have to actively seek each other out because they are on opposite sides of campus. “We show affection and are professional.” According to TAglia, they give each other a little peck, but that’s about it.

Mr. and Ms. Johnson have been married for five and a half years, but have been friends for 13 and a half. “We met here at Greenway,” they said. “When we first started dating, we were asked to be the Grand Marshall of the homecoming parade,” Ms. Johnson said, “I am always proud of seeing him out at the assembly’s getting the students fired up.”

Mr. Johnson said, it’s really nice to see her big smile during the day especially if he needs to get into a better mood.  They only see each other three to four times a day and are professional, but Mr. Johnson said they will occasionally steal a kiss in the copy room.

Mr. and Ms. Mason have been married for 21 years. “We met while I was playing softball at New Mexico State University,” said Ms. Mason.

They know what each other is talking about and can relate. The Masons can also provide input on how to relate, teach, and understand other students that they have in common. “We don’t really see each other (at school),” said Ms. Mason. According to her at school they are professional, but at extracurricular events they act like they are a couple.

Mr. Mrozinski and Ms. Braun have been married for 15 and a half years. “We met here at Greenway,” they said. The good things are they can carpool together and know what each other is going through. The down side is that it is sometimes hard to stop talking about school at home.

“We don’t really see each other during the day,” they said. “The same week we got married another couple on campus got married, and in the campus news letter, they switched the couples around.”

They show affection and yet act professional because they don’t think a little affection is unprofessional.

It’s quite amazing to see that many staff couples started out right here at Greenway. It’s also nice that these couples are able to stay professional but still be a couple during the day. Who knows, some of today’s students could be the future couples working at Greenway.