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Good Teacher Traits


What makes a good teacher?  Well, I went ahead and asked a few students and teachers here at Greenway, and this is what they had to say…..

“When a teacher cares and, when they put effort into helping you,” said Freshmen Caitlyn Hinson.

“I think someone who is understanding and committed to their job,” Sophomore Chloe Fox said, “and is very descriptive when teaching.”

Freshman Ashley Brown said, “Taking students lives into consideration and caring for them. Also, they have to put in an equal amount of effort as the students.”

Freshman Leeza Vielmas said, “What I think makes a good teacher is if they take time before and after school to help the students to succeed; they have to have fun and give emotion.”

“I feel like they have to get along with the students. If they know from the student’s perspective and get along with them, it will help the teacher teach and the students learning ability,” Junior Elizabeth Maxwell said.

Freshman Eddie Rabodi said, “They have to be funny, chill, relate to the student, and have a nice attitude.”

Ms.Peterson, a math teacher, said, “I would say the number one thing is being organized, interacting with the students, making sure they understand, checking for understanding on a daily basis, and making sure students feel comfortable in their classroom.”

“Being patient, open-minded and, willing to get to know the student,” Freshman Genna Villegas said.

Freshman Elvedin Kurtic said, “They have to be chill and give you food.”

“If they don’t give you a lot of homework and are caring towards their students,” said Mckenzie Dull.

I personally think it’s very important to have good teachers. Some things I think make a good teacher are being caring, making sure students understand what they’re being taught and being opened minded. I think it’s important because the more effort the teachers put into work with the students the more likely they are to succeed.