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Role Models Inspire Demons


An inspirational person is someone who does astonishing things, and many of them deserve to be acknowledged. Some have beaten the odds and flipped their lives around. That’s what makes them so impressive to some Demons here at Greenway.

Sophomore Oshmani Nickey said that Lin-Manuel Miranda is her biggest inspiration. She said that his backstory of being a substitute teacher and then becoming a famous songwriter for a play, Hamilton, made him her idol. Nickey said, “he makes me feel like I can become successful with enough hard work and dedication.” 

She said that she has become a lot more confident and started opening up to her friends more since she found his music in early 2017. She also said that “because of him and his lifestyle, I want to become a vegetarian to save the lives of animals.”

Junior Kade Attaway said, “My biggest inspiration is Devin Booker.” He said Devin Booker is his inspiration because he plays for the Phoenix Suns.

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“He is a superstar in the NBA while being the youngest player.” Attaway said that Devin Booker is a fantastic role model, and by watching Devin Booker he showed him how to become a great basketball player. Devin Booker has been Attaway’s inspiration ever since he was drafted to the Suns. Attaway has since changed his style of play entirely to be more like Booker.

“Maya Angelou,” sophomore Eulenia Newnum said, “was sexually assaulted as a child, and instead of letting it drag her down she pushed on with her passion and turned her pain into art through her poems.

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“I rise” is my all-time favorite poem because I feel like I can relate to her, and it makes me feel more relaxed and safe.” Newnum said she has become stronger since she found Maya Angelou’s poems and they keep her grounded.

Junior Jamarhi Neely said his biggest inspiration is his father. “He’s taught me the most valuable things.”

Neely said that his father gave him advice and shaped who he is now. Neely decided to become more responsible because of him.

Junior Jakob Bowers said his inspiration is his grandmother.  Bowers said that his grandmother has given him so many life quotes and positive encouragement. He said that she has always known how to make him feel better when he is upset.

“She made me more positive and helpful to others,” Bowers said. He said that she has been his inspiration since he was in early middle school.

“I don’t really have one person; my personal objective is to inspire others with music,”  sophomore Edward Delara said.

He said that he plays guitar and that he isn’t influenced by anyone. He said that he plays all types of music, and he just hasn’t found someone who plays a variety of genres to look up to yet.

We often look up to others as a way to conduct ourselves and grow as people. Since these Demons were inspired, hopefully, they’ll go on to do some remarkable things that will make a positive impact on others as their role models did for them.