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Nightmare in my Underwear


Everyone gets nightmares at some point in their life. Maybe it’s about the monsters under your bed or being tossed into a pit of snakes. Common dreams most students have are nightmare’s related to school.

Nightmares tend to have a lasting effect, especially when it’s about having to present to your class in your underwear. Freshman Peyton Holly had a nightmare about doing a group project in front of her class, but to add to the nerves of presenting in front of a crowd, she was in her underwear. “I still felt embarrassed even after waking up.”

The classic is always guaranteed to make your friends smile, but sometimes the subconscious is more creative with its nightmares. Sophomore Christina Tee had a nightmare about a year ago. She says that it is about having to perform in front of an audience, but she no longer remembers how to play the violin. “It was terrifying because I’ve been playing for a while and to just lose all that work is nerve-wracking.”

Sophomore Diana Tee has a similar nightmare. In her’s, she is forced to perform a solo that she has never learned and “the entire crowd literally booed me off the stage.”

According to sophomore Tatum Heinrich, she has had a dream in which she must take a test but in a foreign language. “I already hate taking tests and to not even be able to tell where to put your name was awful.”

Sophomore Hannah Shiedler agrees with her, having multiple nightmares about either test taking or getting expelled.¬†“There was this one dream; I was called up to the principal’s office, and they told me I was expelled without explanation. I think not knowing why was worse than being expelled¬†itself.

Nightmares are never pleasant to experience, but they are also a natural part of the subconscious. They come in great variety of forms, and some make you want to laugh when you wake up and others cry. No matter what you dream about, nightmares portraying school life will always be some of the worst.