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Glances of Greenway from the Last 45 Years


While the rest of the nation was celebrating the end of the Vietnam War, Greenway and its community were celebrating the opening of a new high school. In the year of 1973, Greenway was founded and named after John Campbell Greenway. Without even realizing it at the time, Greenway would become one of the best public high schools in Arizona.

As we progressed through the years, Greenway went from a rural “cowboy” school to a more suburban school with an immense amount of school spirit. Through the years, we had many spirit weeks, musical performances, and dances.

While Greenway began to grow as a community, we entered into the year 1977 Greenway teacher Ms. Hernandez began school here as a freshman.

“One thing that has kept me here at Greenway is all of you– my former students, my past students, and Demons whom I have not had the pleasure to have in class because I know how much effort you all give to make Greenway a success and achieve academic goals. We were the same back then,” Ms. Hernandez said.

Her best memory while attending Greenway was when she won the Regional Doubles Championship in badminton and was ranked 2nd in state. Not too long after Ms.Hernandez graduated, Mr. Barnes, our principal,  attended Greenway from 1982 to 1986. He played football and was on the wrestling team.

During this time we also had begun a dynasty that included a three Division Championships and a State Runner-Up trophy in boys Cross Country.

While the boys were doing better than ever in Cross Country, we had another amazing staff member join the Demons-Mr. Barrett. Mr. Barrett has been here for over 30 years. When asked why he chose to stick around after so many years, he simply answered, “because I enjoy coming to work.” He also went on to say that “Greenway is special because of the caring faculty and staff, the support of the community, and of course the amazing and motivated student body.”

As Greenway began to ride into the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Greenway sports became even more dominant. The football team won ten games in a row in the year 2000-2001, and baseball won a State Championship. Following with many years of great streaks, we headed into the late 2000’s.

We began the year 2010 with many assemblies and games that had our crowds cheering as the Demons fought for the wins. Within the next few years, we had many Homecoming dances and after-school activities resulting in new opportunities. As Greenway road into the next few years, there were many new clubs and classes.

Science teacher Mr. McKee is the latest Demon graduate to come back and teach for his alma matter.

As one can see, Greenway has something special for everyone, extra activities for those who want to put themselves out there, great sports programs and teams, and the best group of students and faculty we could possibly have.