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Favorite Teacher Features

Many teachers here at Greenway are very loved. The Demon students appreciate their teachers very much, and for many it’s hard to pick a favorite teacher. However many times there is that one teacher that makes class fun, and students look forward to being there. Probably every teacher on campus has a group of students who call them their favorite teacher, but here is a sample from some random students questioned by The Dispatch.
Junior David Peña said that his favorite teacher is Ms. Walth. Peña had Ms. Walth for biology sophomore year. “She talks to us individually about our grades. [She] checks on us and is willing to hear what we may or may not be going though.”


Senior Mason Chavez’s favorite teacher is Mr. Schall, the engineering, coding and architecture teacher. Chavez said that he’s had Mr. Schall all four years. The reason that Mr Schall is his  favorite teacher is because, “he respects his students and teaches in ways that keep [his students] interested. He is a unique teacher because he teaches multiple classes. One thing Mr. Schall did in class that’s rememberable is he taught us to see the low and how to teach others to see the low.”


Junior Heather Johnson’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Berg. Mrs. Berg teaches the dance class. Johnson has had Mrs. Berg from freshman year to junior year. The reason that Mrs. Berg is Johnson’s favorite teacher is because she is fun, exciting, and energetic. Johnson said Ms. Berg “makes class fun.” A memorable thing she did in class is doing conditions with her students and leading their workouts.


Junior Robert Roteanu considers Ms. Rerrick as his favorite teacher. Ms. Rearrick teaches US/AZ History. Roteanu has Ms. Rearrick this year. She’s his favorite teacher because she is “a great teacher with a funny attitude.” Roteanu said, “their attitude towards life is what makes the teacher unique.” The memorable thing that Mrs. Rearrick has done in class is that she laughs at her students, in a good way.


Junior Mckenzie Aune’s favorite teacher is Señora Cortes, her Spanish teacher. Aune has Señor Cortes for second hour this year. Aune said, “she really encourages all her students to do better and follow their dreams.” Señor Cortes is a special teacher because “she really takes the time out of her life help [out] any students who need assistance.” Everyday Señor Cortes “tells {her students] motivational speeches about life and how to follow your goals.”

Senior Alexa Holzinger said Ms. Henderson, the stats teacher, is her favorite teacher. Holzinger has had Ms. Henderson for junior and senior year. She is Holzinger’s favorite teacher because “she makes jokes that most teacher wouldn’t make.” Mrs. Henderson “has a specific way that she likes things done. She also is helpful when a student is struggling.” One memorable thing that she has done is “moved [Alexa] with kids [Mrs. Henderson] knew would [Alexa]would work well with.”


Junior Maya Ramirez said that her favorite teacher is Ms. Apodaca. Ms. Apodaca teaches English. Ramirez had Ms. Apodaca sophomore year. She was her favorite teacher because she was caring and a good teacher. Ramirez said, “her laying on the floor in class and just being done with the day” was something memorable that she did in class.


Junior Helen Kando’s favorite teacher is Ms. Berg, the dance teacher. Kando said “Ms. Berg is my favorite because she’s a great dance teacher and she [is also] goofy too; I love her.” A memorable thing that Ms. Berg did in class is “when she began actually dancing with us… she did [the dance] so beautifully, everyone was impressed, and the whole class was cheering for her.”


Junior Montie Pryor said Ms. Rearrick is her favorite teacher. Mrs. Rearrick teaches history class. Ms. Rearrick is ” always making the class more fun.” Pryor said that a memorable thing that Ms. Rearrick “was telling [a] funny story and how it relates to history.”

All the Greenway teachers are still loved by all their students and fellow staff. Greenway is a big family and even if they won’t admit it, most love their teachers.