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Demon Dance Revolution


Dance has impacted many people’s lives and plays a major role in society today. It has been a way of expressing emotions across cultures for centuries. People all around the world use dance as a way to escape from reality, to say things that can’t be explained through words, and to share the power of physical expression to the world.

“The Greenway dance program is a great way to spend my day. I get to come and work while having a blast doing it. Dance can be time demanding, but it really depends on the capacity of the class or the individuals,” Ms. Berg said. “My favorite type of dancing is contemporary because it is very good for the soul. Dancing can be difficult if I get distracted, so in order for me to overcome that I write the movements down to help remember. Since I was three years old, dancing has been the main focus of my life besides my family. It is my career and passion.”

“I have been dancing for four years. What I love about the Greenway Dance Program is how fun and nice the teacher is. Ms. Berg never rushes through the choreography and always goes at a reasonable pace,” Kirsten Randel said. “My best dance moments are when I get a front spot in a dance, but I do not plan on doing dance after high school. My favorite type of dancing is contemporary because it is slow. I feel like I do best with slow dances; I love all of the soft movements that go along with it. Dance has affected me by making me more involved in school, and I get to know more people. Being in dance makes my school life more fun.”

“What I love most about the Greenway Dance Program is that I can be in a room full of people who love to dance with such kind hearts,” Tammy Pham said, “This will be my sixth or seventh year dancing, and it takes up about half of my life. In my opinion, our best dance would have to be this year’s hip-hop routine. My favorite genre is lyrical because I love letting out my emotion and showcasing it.” She said she has finally found something that she is passionate about. “After I graduate high school, I do plan on continuing to dance; hopefully I can get a dance scholarship. Dancing can be difficult at times when I’m not in the right headspace, but I overcome that by trying my hardest and not beating myself up when I can’t achieve something. Everything takes time.”

“I have been dancing for fifteen years now. I love the family dynamic we have built as a dance program. During the pre-dance show my sophomore year, there was a lot of hanging out, warming up, and being a family. My favorite piece we have ever done was Maniac from my freshman year because it was our opening number to the show and it was everyone’s favorite,” Emerson Majarucon said.

“Musical theatre is my favorite style of dancing because it is an entirely different world of dance that elevates the performance aspect of dance. Dance has affected my life by not only keeping me active, but by making me disciplined, hard-working, and passionate about everything I do. It has also taught me to be honest and brave to try new things.” Emerson does plan on dancing after high school, she has recently been accepted to Steps on Broadway’s Conservatory Program and her dream job is to dance on Broadway. “With dance there are many opportunities to work before high school; school is not required to have a professional career. However, many schools offer amazing dance conservatory programs that allow students to take classes and learn from master teachers in the industry. Dance is difficult on days I am physically or emotionally tired. I have to gather extra strength to go to class, but I don’t regret anything.”

What helps her overcome that is remembering the years of dedication she has put in this craft and how she has worked too hard to quit. “Dance is a very time demanding career, it takes a toll on the body and you have to really love it to stay in it. I take class almost every single day and come home with injuries, bruises, sore muscles, and aches all over my body, but in the end I love it and can’t imagine doing anything else with my time.”

The Greenway Dance Program has brought together so many people and enables them to share their love for dance with others. There is so much more to dancing then what meets the eye. It is not easy and dancers can come home with many injuries, but in the end, it is all worth it. Many people can’t imagine how else they would want to spend their time, and dancing has touched so many people’s lives.

Photos by Caitlin Churchwell and Dempsey Lunog