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Bad Grammar Be Embarrassing


Being able to speak properly reflects not only on one’s education, but it also reflects on who their English teacher is and that’s why Greenway teachers cringe  when their students say, “I ain’t gonna be able to be here.” Everyone pronounces words wrong at times; however, the art of speaking and writing should be a focus of all Demons.  

Sophomore Ricardo Hernandez said, “Yes, I have terrible grammar, but I don’t mind what people think of my grammar.” He said his grammar is as bad as it is due to the way he grew up. Ricardo said, “I don’t want to fix my grammar because I don’t want to fix myself.” He said that everyone he is friends with tells him his grammar is not perfect.

“The students are getting much worse with their grammar because of technology. They think the laptops will correct it for them. Because of the technology,  they believe the computers will fix their errors for them, and they don’t overlook it because they always think it’s already fixed,” English teacher Ms. Hamby said.

“The thing that irritates me the most is when the kids don’t use capital letters and use their nouns in the wrong places,” Ms. Hamby said, “The most common error that students make is that they are forgetting to capitalize the letter “I” in there work.”

Junior Korry Dwiggins said, “There are some times when I’m trying to pronounce the words and I say them wrong.” Dwiggins said he is afraid his grammar makes him looks bad and he finds it embarrassing. He knows people notice when he says words wrong because they correct him every day. “I try to fix my grammar because I don’t want to embarrass myself no more.  Yes, people have told me my grammar is not right.”

Mrs. Taglia says, “Honestly it is hard to pinpoint one terrible sentence because I’ve seen so many. Usually, I can figure out sentences, but I have had some that I didn’t even understand because of the grammar.” The most common error is run-on sentences. The grammar is getting worse. Taglia says, “I blame technology for the problems. First of all, some student use texting language and abbreviations on assignments.”


Freshman Austin Clark said, “The word I say wrong is “gooder,” I have been saying it all my life.” He is not afraid of people saying anything because he doesn’t care what they think. Austin says, “I have tried to fix my grammar, but I’m used to saying them the way I do.” A lot of people have told him he has bad grammar.

Junior Tyreque Huckabay said, “I have a stuttering problem that makes my words go together.” He is afraid to say words wrong in front of his friends because it’s embarrassing to him.  

Junior Zachary Montanaro said, “There are a couple of words that I still have trouble saying.” Zach is afraid to say anything wrong in front of people because he thinks it’s embarrassing and unprofessional. “I have had this problem because the way I grew up and how I learned to talk when I was younger.” Zach never tried to fix it cause he didn’t want to.

In addition, the students are used to the autocorrect on their phones. Instead of trying to spell words correctly or looking them up. To this day there are still people having troubles speaking or writing.  It’s worth the fight to speak right.