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Your Parent Works at Greenway?


I had the opportunity to talk to some of your fellow Demons to get their take on what it’s like having a parent that works here at Greenway. There can be advantages like getting to choose their teachers, but it could also be tough when everything you do on campus will get back to your parent before you can even explain anything to them.

Junior Parker Fowler said, “I love having a parent working here at Greenway because it makes signing papers and other stuff a lot easier. I don’t get punished differently by mom because we have a trust system. The bad part though is that people already have an opinion of me before they meet and get to know me. I like to make sure that I am a good role model and student so my actions don’t reflect back on my mom in a bad way.”

Freshman Sydney Renard said, “I think it’s cool that my dad works here and I don’t see anything bad about it. One thing that I think is good about it is that he has water in his room, so I can go get water from there. I don’t get punished differently than other students, and my dad and I just discuss things at home.”

Junior Keli Rearick said, “I like that my mom works here at the school because I have the feeling of being safe with her here. I feel like I have to be on my best behavior because I want to make my mom look good. One of the good things is that if I don’t feel good I can go to her room. One of the bad things is that if I ever misbehave it will go straight to her.”

Junior Benjamin Barnes said, “I feel blessed to have my dad here at Greenway because it’s kind of a bonding experience for us. I really just act the same as I do at my house. I don’t get punished differently than other students, and my dad and I discuss stuff at home. One of the good things about my dad here is that I always have someone to go to. One of the bad things is that if someone has to go to him when in trouble, I get dirty looks from them.”

Freshman Milo Apodaca said, “I think it’s pretty cool that my mom works here. One of the good things is that my mom keeps food in her room, and I’m able to keep my stuff in there. One of the bad things is that I can’t do anything bad or else my mom will find out. I get treated the same way that I would at home. My friends treat me the same also.”

Other Demons who have parents working on campus include: Brian Adams, Nathan Brown, Dana Hite, Mikah Knapp, Colin Mason, Brandon and Noah Martinez, Megan Mattingly, Timmy and Christopher McCannon, Hannah, Zoe and Emma Morrison, Mykenna Nelson, Grace and Tatum Parrott, Ashlie Rivera, Julia Romero, Haley, Madison and Brianna Stevens, and Emma Swartz.  That’s 27 Demons with a parent working at Greenway!