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Time Traveling Demons


Time travel has been an alluring topic for many years; the idea of being able to travel to any place at any given point in history could peak almost anyone’s interest. Many people believe in the possibility of time travel while others say it could never exist beyond the confines of science fiction. If you were given the chance, would you travel in time? We asked some students here at Greenway to find out whether they would take up such an opportunity.

Ashley Sauter, a senior, would like to travel back to when Jesus walked the Earth. She said she would try to be one of his disciples while there.  Other than that, there is nothing she would try to change or stop. Some people she would want to meet are Jesus, Joseph, Mary, and other disciples, making it what she believes would be the best encounter of her life.

Freshman Jackson Thorpe told us he would travel to Alaska in the year of 2024.  Being that he was too young to remember his time spent in Alaska, his main motive would be to jog his memory as he would then be 20 years old. He wouldn’t wish to change or fix anything as we typically see in novels and movies. 

Erin Petersen, a freshman, said that she would travel to Pennsylvania in the year 2000. Erin would travel to this year because she believes it was a better time. She would not like to change anything in the year 2000.

ShayLee Hepburn, a freshman, said that she would like to go to Northern California in the year 1984 to see her family to see what her family was like. She would tell her grandparents to keep their house because of its location in the redwoods. The house was almost like a safe haven for her. She would want to meet her Aunt Jackie as well, stating that she would want to stay at her house for a night or two.

Time travel has been a popular topic for science fiction for decades and has been in many movies including “Back to the Future” and “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”, but is time travel truly possible? We always travel in time, but in only one direction and at a set pace. In a way, Astronauts are already time travelers, going into space and living there for months at a time, aging just a tiny bit slower than they would on the Earth’s surface. The question of whether or not time travel exists is a question we must leave to time itself.