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Space Debate: Alien Encounters


A lingering question that has existed since the beginning of human life is whether or not there are lifeforms beyond earth. There has been a countless number of UFO sightings, with hundreds of people seeing them from the first officially recorded sighting in 1853 and even to this day, one of the biggest sightings of all time happened right here, and is referred to as the Phoenix Lights.

The Phoenix Lights took place on March 13, 1997, around 7:30 and 10:30 p.m. when thousands of people reported UFO sightings consisting of strange lights hovering in the sky. Sightings were reported in Nevada, Arizona, and even some parts of Mexico. “It was like a faint blue light, but it was just enough to see in the dark sky,”  Greenway Administrative Assistant Ms. Johnson stated. In situations like this most

would have to be crazy not to believe in other life, yet James Oberg, a space journalist who has worked with organizations such as NASA, has gone on to explain his skeptical point of view on how these sightings aren’t really all that they’re being made out to be.  He explains that most of what is reported can be described as “space dandruff,” such as ice crystals and debris. However, there seems to still be people who believe there is life beyond our home.

“I believe that it’d be a lot of wasted space if it’s just us,” Ms. Johnson said.

Jackson Thorp, a freshman, added that he believes “it’s unreasonable to think that we’re the only things alive in the entire universe, it’s huge.”

There are a lot of different theories as to what aliens look like when asking others. Some say they look like humans, while others say they’re microscopic and something more like bacteria. The most prevalent idea though is the classic green bug-eyed movie alien.

The Milky Way has over a hundred billion stars, and some believe it may be over four times larger than that. Including all the moons and planets that we do know along with the ones yet to be discovered opens the door for a world of opportunity. For all, we know there could be another place just like earth hiding farther than we’d ever been able to go.

What do Greenway Students think though? Ms. Johnson, a Greenway staff member, has a lot to say about aliens, “I’ve spotted three UFO sightings and even felt one.” She went on to explain that when she was younger she spotted a faint blue light in the sky slowly moving around, and as soon as she processed what it was it had disappeared.

About seven years later she witnessed the same thing yet again. The last sighting she had was the aforementioned Phoenix Lights.

Evelyn Figueroa, a Freshman here at Greenway, had many of her own opinions. She specified that she “believes there are other life forms, but they’re not little green monsters like in the movies. They’re more human-like.”

She also went on to say that she believes “there will never be proof of other life, they’re too discreet for us to ever discover.”

People seem to have strong opinions on whether or not aliens exist. Maybe if we’re lucky enough and with the right amount of research, we will one day be able to answer this ongoing question that we have been pondering for centuries.