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Operation Hoco is a Go


It’s that time of year again, it’s homecoming week! One week full of school spirit, pride, and working up the courage to ask that special someone to dance.

We kicked off homecoming week with another amazing assembly. The best darn band in the land put on another melodious performance and the cheerleaders broke out a new dance that blew the crowd away. We caught a glimpse of the football teams plays for Friday’s game against Buckeye in the demon pit, and we learned that the team’s key on Friday is going to be the 12th man AKA- Greenway’s rabid student section. Greenway’s tremendous announcer Mr. Johnson fired up the hype train and got every student and staff on their feet cheering for the team as he encouraged everyone to be in the stands on Friday night at 7pm. There was fierce competition for the spirit stick, but because it’s “their house” the seniors left victorious once again even though the Freshmen gave them a run for their money. Students of all grades showed some serious spirit this time.

The year’s theme is a magical homecoming, with many references and influences from Harry Potter (Stuco sponsor Ms. Gould’s favorite book). Monday was Hogwarts houses and students wore class colors. Tuesday was there and back again, dress as a hiker. Wednesday was yer a wizard, wear a robe. Thursday is travel to Narnia, mismatched wardrobe day and Friday is King Arthur’s court, wear a crown or tiara.

Student Council has also put together a bunch of events for each day this week after school. They’re responsible for the blasting of the Severus Snape song between classes (cough cough… Parker… cough). On Monday there was movie night. A viewing of Hocus Pocus was held in the cafeteria at 7 pm. On Tuesday, Brett Barry held a mentalist show in the auditorium at 6 pm that made some students question their reality. Wednesday was a community service project starting in the E building at 5 pm. Thursday is the parade and Demon Fest. The parade is off 41st ave at 5 pm and Demon Fest is at 5:30 until 8:30pm. Friday is game day. Our Demons, with a record of 3 and 1 face off against the Buckeye Hawks in our stadium at 7 pm. During the game, homecoming royalty will be announced and school spirit will be shown all night.

Saturday is a big night for bootie shakers. From 7-9:30 pm in the practice gym is the homecoming dance. If you’re worried about having a date or getting a chance to go with that special someone, you should ask soon. Students have been very creative this year with asking each other to the dance. You could say it’s Greenway’s own version of the ball before the tri-wizard tournament. Needless to say it’s expected to be a magical night for all who attend.

With each passing day you can feel the energy all around campus. The excitement for the big game and the anticipation of the dance all makes for a fun-filled week. Everyone is showing spirit and pride for Greenway and is helping drive that special homecoming feeling. Let’s make the 2018-2019 homecoming as magical as possible witches and wizards.

(photos taken by Demonian photographer Hannah Riutta)