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Movies That Need Sequels


We all have a favorite movie that we want a sequel to. Sometimes we want it for an explanation of what happens next and other times we just think it’s a good movie and want to see another one. Here are some sequels students want to see:

Ferris Buellers Day Off is an iconic 80’s movie beloved by many, including Emily Martin. She wants to see a second Ferris Buellers day off, starring the same actors and actresses. They would now be in their early 50s and it might be fun to see what trouble they can find. If Matthew Broderick isn’t available then Mr. Feiring would be an obvious choice for Ferris.

All who have seen Ferris Buller’s Day Off know about how Ferris and his friends skip school and run around town doing whatever they want trying not to get caught. All of us occasionally need a day of from school. Ferris’s friend Cameron constantly worries and stresses about school and life at home so Ferris is always trying to find ways to help him feel better and have fun.

This movie shows that every now and then you have to have a break. Emily would want to see another crazy road trip adventure  starting off how the first one ended of Ferris and his friends doing whatever they want.

Step Brothers is about the rivalry between the lazy, leeches Brennan Huff played by (Will Ferrel) and Dole Doback (played by John C. Reilly) both still living at home with their parents and without jobs. Parker Fowler wants to see a sequel because he believes it’s the best comedy ever made and Will Ferrel was hilarious. Step Brothers is a classic rivalry story where in the end they become friends, after splitting up their newly wedded parents and having to get them back together.

What two Greenway teachers in their 30s might be ideal to star in this sequel? Mr. Johnson said that Mr. Luckenbill and Mr. Irwin would be the perfect duo because they are friends, but enjoy teasing each other.

Ammalia Walker said she would like to see a sequel to the movie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Lara Jean the main character, writes letters about the boys she had crushes on and hide them in a box to just express her feelings but not let anyone else know. Until one day Lara Jean’s younger sister sends all the letters revealing to her crushes her deepest feelings.  Ammalia Walker would want to see a sequel to this movie starring the same actors and actresses continuing the love story of the main characters.

Who would get letters in your life?

Now that Greenway has spoken it’s time for Hollywood to get busy and start making quality movies.  We can only hope that Mr. Irwin and Mr. Luckenbill will come back to Greenway to teach after being discovered.