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Living With One Parent


Single parenting can be difficult at times but rewarding as well; many Greenway students live with only one parent.  With divorce rates around 50% it’s not uncommon for teens to live in a single parent household.

Senior Alicia Slemek has “had a single parent for eight years.” She said that her mom is the only one that is strict. She thinks her dad is easy on her is because he doesn’t care about her enough.

“I don’t get to see my mom that often because she is always busy,” she said. “I want my dad to do more for me because I feel like he doesn’t care about me as much.”  Alicia said she doesn’t do any chores as she is an only child. She believes her upbringing has made her to be more independent.

Senior Alexis Lopez said, “I have had a single parent for my whole life.” Alexis lives with her mom.  When asked if she had any chores, she said, “yes, I have a couple of chores to do.”

She has the choice to see her father, but she chooses not to visit him that often. Her mom is easy on her, allowing her to do what she wants as long as she brings it up with her first. Her mom and dad were never married, and she said it hasn’t had an effect on her perspective on relationships.

Freshman Druana Crank said,” I have lived with my mom for seven years.” She said that her dad is very strict on her. She gets to see her other parent, but only to visit, not stay the night.

She said, “I do some chores such as laundry, dishes, and cleaning.” Her parents were married, but they got a divorce when she was seven years old.

Freshman Ricky Sotelo said, “I have had a single parent for about 10 years.”Most of the time she (mom) is really chill.  Yes, because we are always worrying about the money problems.  Once in a while. My mom, is both the mother and a father to me. It is good and bad at times.” Sotelo said that he talks to his Dad about once a month.

“My mom had the chores equally split for me and my sisters,” he said, “My mom is both hard and easy on me and my sisters.”

Sophomore Bridget Mullings said she “has had a single parent for fifteen and a half years.” She said her mom is very strict on her because she doesn’t want her to get hurt. She said “the things I do around the house include cooking dinner and cleaning the whole house.” She sees her dad sometimes, but not often, as he lives far away.

As one can see, it can be both hard and easy to live with a single parent. It’s a very common situation, and students try to make the best of the situation that they are in.