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Listen to How Music Can Put Students in a Mood


Music is a language understood and used by Demons of all ages.  What students listen to, where they listen, and when they listen can tell a lot about a person.  There is a vast variety of answers to the question of, “What do you listen to.”

As for Senior Melissa Vasquez, she enjoys a good mid-2000’s jam. “The Big Time Rush theme song is my go-to song,” she said. “It makes me feel hyped for some weird reason.” Melissa says she enjoys listening to this song whenever she needs an extra boost, especially while doing homework. “When my friends and I go out, we like to blast throwback songs, and this is the first song we listen to and it has been since the show ended.”

Marissa Hendrickson, a Junior, cites 5 Seconds of Summer and Green Day as some of her favorite artists that shes been patronizing for years. “I love their genre of music! 5 Seconds of Summer gives off an indie rock boy band vibe while Green Day has a wide range of talents.” Marissa likes listening to music by herself in her room. Her favorites include Green Day’s “American Idiot” and 5 Seconds of Summer’s new album Youngblood. Their alternative vibe is what she says particularly draws her towards these songs.


As for Matthew Scaff, his pick has some strong emotion and memories behind it. “Get You” by Daniel Caesar has become his and his girlfriend’s song, saying that, “we would both listen to it and my girlfriend would always sing it to me. We both listen to Daniel Caesar and H.E.R., and that one, in particular, became our song.” “Get You” is a smooth acoustic love song with soft vocals and a slow tempo.

Not being able to choose just one favorite song, Sophomore Daisy Cararo lists “Dance the Night Away” by Van Halen and “Home is Such a Lonely Place Without You” by Blink 182 as her personal favorites. “‘Dance the Night Away” makes me feel so much happier and upbeat when I’m stressed while ‘Home is Such a Lonely Place Without You’ brings me back to Earth and lets me appreciate the things around me.” Daisy says these songs have become her go-to and that she can be found listening to them alone in her room.


“Either Juice Wrld or Bruno Mars(are my favorites),” Sophomore Lili Lievens said when asked about her favorite artists. “I like their music and can relate to a lot of their songs. I listen to them at school and at home, preferably alone.” Lili says these are some new finds for her, stating that they’ve become her favorites only just recently.


“My favorite band is Black Sabbath,” Junior Keegan Rhoads says, pointing to “War Pigs” as his personal favorite. “They contributed a lot to the creation of metal and rock,” which Keegan says is his favorite genre. “If you know rock n’ roll, you should know Sabbath. I’ve listened to them my entire life and listen to them almost anywhere, especially when with my friends.” “War Pigs” is characterized by its strong vocals, prevalent drumming, and electric guitar rifts.

Tyler Miller’s personal pick is “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. When asked what he enjoyed about the song he said that he likes how “it talks about doing things your own way and not how everyone else does it,” as the title would suggest. Tyler said he enjoys listening to music in a quiet place, whether it be in his room or out in nature. “I honestly don’t know when I started (listening) to this song, I’d guess I’d say I started when I was little.” My Way is a classic crooner song with a slow tempo sure to evoke nostalgic memories of your grandparents’ vinyl collection.

Students here at Greenway listen to a wide variety of vastly different songs, but one place they can all find unity is in the role it has in our relationships and daily lives.