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Here’s the Rub with Greenway Clubs


Statistics show that if students are involved in extra curricular activities then they are much more successful.  Everyone wants to find a place where they can meet other students with common interests that doesn’t involve schoolwork. A sense of belonging occurs with those students who seek and find a group that gathers on a regular basis to promote a cause or to simply have fun.  This article features four small clubs at Greenway that students are encouraged to check out: Games Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Green Club and Youth Alive.


Games Club (Mondays and Wednesdays 2:40-3:45pm) Room J103 

Another club that is in the shadows at Greenway is Games Club, led by Ms. Cannaday. The club was started when students asked to use her room to play games. Ms. Cannaday believes the club isn’t as popular because “It’s just playing a game, not something that will look good on students’ resumes.”

Freshman Jayden [last name] said she likes the club because the long time players of Dungeons and Dragons teach those who may be new to the game. Jayden joined because her friend was in the club and decided to give it a shot. Games Club meets every Monday and Wednesday to play Dungeons and Dragons from 2:35 to 3:45 pm. Students are encouraged to come by and check it out.


The Gay Straight Alliance Club (Thursdays at 3pm) Room B205

Mrs. Braun and Mr. Mroszinski are the sponsors of the Gay Straight Alliance here at Greenway high school. It all started 10 years ago when students asked to use her room as a safe place for the LGBT+ community and its supporters.

“I never considered saying no and pushing kids out of my room,” Braun said. When asked why she believes there aren’t that many active members involved, she said that it is because some parents may feel not okay with it. She goes on to explain students think they have to be part of the LGBT+ community or have to be out which is not the case.

“Anyone who supports the community or is part of the community can join,” she said.  Mrs. Braun also said that “people are involved in a lot of after school activities and simply don’t have time to come.”

GSA is an easygoing club that doesn’t require showing up every week. In the club, people hang out, play games, and become more educated on the LGBT+ community.


Green Club (Fridays 2:40-3pm) Room E210

Green Club is another small club here at Greenway. Science teacher Mr. Feiring leads the club, along with Kelly Cordes and Sarah Caveness.  President Kelly Cordes said the best thing about the club is Mr. Feiring, going on field trips, hanging with friends, and learning how to save the Earth. (Sarah Caveness (left and Kelly Cordes right are pictured below).

When asked why she thinks the club only has about eight active members, Vice President Sarah Cavaness said, “People just don’t care about the Earth. After lunch it’s a mess. Also, I think people don’t understand the club.”

Kelly and Sarah also believe because the club meets on a Friday less people come. “People are busy or don’t want to do stuff on a Friday, but they don’t realize that the club only lasts for 10-15 minutes many times.  I think people should at least come to one meeting (to check it out),” said Cordes.

Green Club meets every Friday after school to talk about how to help the Earth. The club has two drives every year to clean up water bottles, and they also go on a few field trips. Last year they went to Glendale Gardens and the BioDome. It’s a great way to help make the environment a better place.


Youth Alive (Wednesdays 8:15-8:55am) Room E202

A club that is growing again in numbers at our school is Youth Alive. Youth Alive is a Christian club led by Barkot Surafel and sponsor Mrs. Walth.

Mrs. Walth has been the leader for a couple years after a student, now out of college, asked her to be the leader. Senior Barkot Surafel believes the club doesn’t have that many people because it starts early on Wednesday mornings.

Mrs. Walth agreed and said, “That’s when students go to teachers for help. A couple years go we had about 50 to 60 students show up.”

Barkot said she likes the club because it’s cool to meet people that share a common faith with her.

“The club gives me a morning start filled with knowledge about God,” said Freshman Kiany Rodriguez. Youth Alive is where Christians can meet to worship, pray, and join in fellowship every Wednesday from 8:15 to 8:55 am.