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Hello Greenway; Goodbye Arkansas


This year has come with so many new things for me, including moving here to Arizona and attending Greenway High School. Before moving here to Phoenix and transferring to Greenway, I lived in a small town in Arkansas named Trumann.

The school I attended in Trumann was dramatically smaller than schools here in Phoenix; many of the classes at my old school were all in one building, something quite different from Greenway’s building-by-subject layout. In addition, we had a much smaller campus than Greenway, which houses multiple buildings and a wide array of different classes. Trumann, on the other hand, had few choices for your classes. (see Trumann below)

The biggest difference I have had to adjust to is the dramatic shift in regards to technology. Trumann was a technology-based school; everything we did was on the computers. Every student and faculty member of Trumann got their own computers, so making the transition from doing everything on computers and not having to keep up with papers to now having to do virtually everything on paper is something I have to keep up on.

In addition to the looks and the way the schools are run being different, Greenway has a larger variety of sports to choose from. Trumann High was big on football, basketball, and sometimes volleyball, but was limited in other options. (See Greenway below)

Though I have not been part of the Greenway community that long, I can say that Greenway students and faculty have generally been nice and welcoming to me. For the short amount of time I have been here, I would have to say, compared to Trumann, Greenway has been much more welcoming than they would have been at Trumann if I would have just started there. At Trumann, you have to get used to the people and they have to get used to you. Being such a small school and town, everyone has their own groups, so it takes a little bit before you find your place and make friends.

Moving fifteen hundred miles away and having to change schools has affected me in multiple ways, but my study habits remain the same. Most people think that this move would affect my grades, but it has not. I continue to excel in class and keep my grades up.

Compared to Trumann, Greenway’s classes are a bit more difficult, but I am being challenged in a way that Trumann could never do. I have been frequently asked how switching schools and having to come into a totally different environment has affected me. It was hard coming to a different school. At first, I missed home because I knew nobody here, but as time went by I got used to it and started making new friends and acquaintances. I stopped missing home as much with each passing day. Although Trumann was my home, I have grown to love being a part of Greenway’s lively community.