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Demon Center (2)

Greenway Swim and Dive Thrives


The Greenway swim and dive team is known for its ability to battle. Pushing through the water, the daily practices have prepared them for the meets they compete in every Thursday. Although some may not understand the extent to which they practice, it is because of these practices that the Demons on the swim team have the guts to push through and swim fast.

The members include: Asher Stemmons, Gage Barnett, Isaac Barr, Michael Dimodugno, Daniel Hernandez, Grayson Holbrook, Jeremy Hunter, Evan Lindvall, Corbin Lizarraga, Daniel Montano, Jackson Scheppmann, Emily Formanek, Samantha Hedgghes, Aubrey Hodges, Heather Johnson, Esther Klaus, Torin Laytart, Emily Martinez, Hailey Pruitt, Ashley Schneider, Lauren Smith, Tavia Stemmons, Shelby Vosskuhler, Emilia Winans and Sydney Wolf.

The Greenway Swim Team did great last year defeating their opponents and making a reputation for success. With the beginning of a new year, the team has quite the reputation to live up to. The team is confident, stating that it is highly likely that they will exceed expectations this year with no sign of stopping. Even the Coaches Brian Anderson and Michelle Benson seem to agree. With an enthusiastic and eager new group and the combined effort of the returning members, the team should have a great year.

Sharing a pool with Moon Valley, the team has the advantage of knowing what to expect from the Rockets, and we should see success there.

Seeing the amount of improvement the coaches have made with the new members this year, it’s safe to assume they will live up to last year’s reputation.