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Feed My Dragon: Greenway’s Unusual Pets


There are many pets in the world but there are some pets that are straight up unusual.

Hidar, a senior, is the owner of a tortoise, which he had gotten when he got back from the hospital. Hidar said he wanted the turtle due to its slow demeanor and cute appearance.

Taking care of such an animal requires soaking it and making sure it is well fed with a variety of plant-based foods. Alongside that Hidar said he has “built a mansion for it.” Tortoises can live nearly 150 years, which is an awful long time! Hidar has had this pet for around 2 months and in a couple years time it should grow significantly larger.

Zackary Hodges, a freshman, has been the owner of a bearded dragon since last Christmas. Zackary said he was drawn to it because of its cool appearance. He said it tends to be lazy and prefers to lay around most of the day.

Zackary takes care of the bearded dragon by feeding it a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, and greens and cleaning out its cage. The bearded dragon has a tendency to bite Zackary’s mom, which he says can be quite funny at times.

The bearded dragon usually lives for around 15 years and can grow up to 10 inches long.

Dogs and cats are nice, but students may want to consider a pet that is a little out of the ordinary.