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Demons Meet Celebrities


Not many people get a chance to meet a celebrity in their lifetime. These students from Greenway have already met one.

Freshman Chance Stephens met Colton Dixon, who placed seventh place on the eleventh season of American Idol. He said that he met Colton Dixon at a concert during a VIP meet and greet. “The experience was amazing! Dixon was very influential and helped me through a hard time,” said freshman Chance Stephens. He also mentioned that Dixon was a very energetic yet relaxed person. Stephens got to meet him for about an hour and mentioned that it was a very good impression.

Dixon performing on American Idol

Junior Elyssa Martinez got the chance to meet Lil Peep at Club Red in Mesa. She said that she got to talk with him for 5 minutes at the cost of $50. “Meeting Lil Peep was the best experience of my life. He’s my role model,” said Martinez. “He gave me a big hug and comforted me because I was crying.”

Junior Lanora Jennings met Jenna McAlister, a youtube personality. The event she met Jenna at was in California and was called Intour. “I was nervous but also really excited to meet her,” said Jennings. “It cost a couple hundred dollars for a ticket and wristband for the event.” She mentioned that she got in the front of a line of thousands of people to talk to Jenna for about 5 minutes. Another thing that she mentioned was how nice Jenna was, and how amazing it was to meet her.


Math teacher Ms. Henderson said that she got to meet Dan Majerle at a Suns game. “I was wearing his jersey so he started to compliment me on it,” said Henderson. “I was so nervous I couldn’t speak.” Ms. Henderson said that she was very happy to meet him and that it was overall a great experience.

Dan Majerle playing for the Suns and coaching

Junior Helen Kando met French DJ Madeon in front of a building in downtown Phoenix. She got her merch signed by him and met with him for about 10 minutes. “I went to the concert for my 14th birthday. It was my first concert and the most amazing experience ever, the vibe was insane,” said Kando.

Meeting a celebrity isn’t something that happens every day, some may even consider it lucky. What celebrities have you met?