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Think Before You Ink


In the state of Arizona, you may get a tattoo at the age of 16 if you have consent from a parent, and at 18 without concent. But when should you get a tattoo?

Getting a tattoo can be very stressful. First off its permanent, so what you get will almost certainly stay. Things like design and placement are very important. So maybe don’t get a name or my little kitty tattooed on you. Think before you ink.

A lot of people and cites agree that you should probably wait until you’re older to get a tattoo since many people get tattoos when they are younger and regret the design and such later on. Plus tattoos have a cost to them, so waiting and saving up, deciding on a design that your love, then getting the tattoo would probably be the best choice according to most. But some people probably won’t listen to this.

Waiting to get a tattoo is generally a good idea. But some people are just set to get tattoos at a young age, and for those people it would probably be in your best favor for you to keep some stuff in mind such as basic things like costs and treatment. ┬áMaybe you don’t want it to be seen by employers and such. Along with things like having it somewhere where the skin wont stretch to much before you finish growing and what the tattoo will look like, aka no my little kitty designs. Keep these things in mind, and hopefully it will go well when it is time.