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Teacher Vacations: You’re NOT Invited


Here at Greenway, many teachers are going on some pretty interesting trips this summer.

Ms. Fowler, an English teacher here at Greenway, is planning on going to California, Vegas, Florida, Minnesota, and Chicago. She is going to California with her family just for fun, and will spend a weekend there. In Florida, Ms. Fowler will attend an Ed Rising Conference with some of her students, which she mentioned she is looking forward to. “I’m excited to watch my students compete and take them to Disney World,” Fowler said. In Chicago, she’s going to see her son Parker at a HOBY Leadership Conference, and in Minnesota, she will be attending an NEA Conference. She’s also going to Vegas for her nephew’s twenty-first birthday.

Downtown Chicago

Disney World in Florida

Beach in California

Minnesota Welcome Sign

Vegas Welcome Sign

History teacher Mr. Irwin mentioned that he is traveling abroad to Belgium and France over summer. He is going because it’s the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI. He’s planning on visiting Waterloo, Paris underground, jazz clubs, WWI and WWII battlefields, and taking in views of the country side with a friend of his. He will also stay in a monastery in Ghent for six nights. Mr. Irwin said, “I try to take an international trip every couple of years. As a history teacher, I think it’s important that I travel to the places I have to teach about, and it opens my mind to new experiences and ways of thinking.  Life is a journey, who wants to stay in one place?”

Waterloo Battlefield

Trenches from WWI Battles in France

Ghent Monastery

Halls of Ghent Monastery

Paris Underground

Ms. Braun, a history teacher here at Greenway, said that on her summer trip, she will be traveling to Egypt and Jordan with her husband. One thing that Braun mentioned is that she is going on the trip for leisure and “to take in the sights from antiquity.” Since she was a child, she’s been wanting to see the pyramids up close. She will also be visiting Petra while in Jordan. “I try to take an international trip every other year. There are so many interesting places that I want to experience firsthand, so I have made it one of my priorities to travel and experience other cultures,” Mrs. Braun said. She also said that she would strongly encourage students to explore other places and cultures.

Pyramid in Egypt

Monastery in Jordan

Pyramid in Egypt

Greenway’s German teacher, Frau Walker, is traveling to Austria, Germany, and Italy for her trip. She’ll be there for 5-6 weeks and is visiting her parents, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Mozart’s grave. She is going to Mozart’s grave with the German teacher at Sunnyslope, Mrs. Walther. Mrs. Walker mentioned that she typically visits every Summer.

Mozart’s Grave

Neuschwanstein Castle

Lastly, our hospitality teacher, Mr. Dudo, mentioned that he is going on a 2,000+ mile motorcycle/Jeep road trip to Wyoming, and will visit Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. “My wife and I wanted to have a fun summer adventure with our 1 year old, and my father-in-law and I wanted to do another long motorcycle trip, so we combined the ideas and came up with a motorcycle ride/road trip/camping trip to a beautiful National Park,” said Dudo. He also said that as a kid, he visited Yellowstone and was in awe of the natural mineral pools, geysers, wildlife and waterfalls there, and can’t wait to see them again. Mr. Dudo was asked what he thinks will be the best part of the trip and replied with this: “For me, the best part of the trip will be the experience of taking my son camping for the first time, this will also be the longest motorcycle ride I’ve done so far, so it’s going to be a trip of ‘firsts'”.

Grand Teton National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Some teachers are taking trips that many dream of.  It’s a nice perk to have two months off to see the sights and sounds of our blue planet.