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My Parents Embarrassed Me


Have you ever been so embarrassed by your parents that your face turned red? These students have! They know what it is like to have embarrassing parents and they can tell you exactly how it is.


Emily Brunet, a sophomore here at Greenway High School, has experienced extreme embarrassment by her parents frequently, but she remembers a specific time when she felt particularly embarrassed. She said, “My mom blasted her trash music at a red light and the people next to us were watching us.” This embarrassed her because she feels blasting music loudly while stopped at a red light is very obnoxious and everyone’s attention was drawn to them. Her parents constantly embarrass her through their habits of dancing, singing, and general joking around.


Have your parents ever talked to someone you do not like? Have they ever talked about you? Well, Emily’s parents have. Emily Duff’s (another sophomore) parents do not embarrass her that often, but there was one specific time she did feel embarrassed by her parents. “My mom was talking to some people I did not like about me,” she said. This made her feel embarrassed because she didn’t like the people and her mom was talking to them about her. Her mom told the people she didn’t like about how she had a bad grade in Geometry. This embarrassed her because Geometry was an easy class for the people she didn’t like and she felt embarrassed she wasn’t doing as well in the class as the people she didn’t like, and Emily did not want them to know.


Have you ever accidentally broke something in a store? Or done anything embarrassing in a store or public place? Another student, Sofi Poloni, also a sophomore, has a funny embarrassing moment to share. She was running to the bank, Wal-mart, and doing some other errands with her parents. She stopped at Target because she wanted to buy some new cute stuff for her room. They were walking past some lamps and her dad accidentally knocked over a lamp and broke it. “This embarrassed me because he very loudly screamed because it scared him when it fell.” She felt extremely embarrassed by her parents because they caused a scene at Target. They had to pay for the lamp and call for help to clean it up. It was also embarrassing to have help to come clean it up because it was in the middle of the store.