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I Will Tell You What I’m Doin’ This Summer Braa


The end of the year is approaching, which means that summer is coming fast. Everyone is pushing through finals waiting for that final bell to ring announcing summer. Many students have already planned out their vacation. Some are spending it by the pool, laughing with friends, or hiding inside from the Arizona heat. Others may be traveling to another country, going on a cruise, visiting family, or down at the beach having fun in the sun, while some don’t have any summer plans and are just trying to push through to the end of summer. There are also people who can only venture off to exotic locations for summer in their dreams.

A good place to spend your summer, besides indoors, is at a river or lake. There may not be any beaches in Arizona, but you can still grab a few friends, a bathing suit, and go down to the lake. It is a great way to cool off from the heat and isn’t very costly.

Another way to spend your summer is by taking a drive to some national landmarks, like the Grand Canyon, although it may be best to do that on one of the cooler days. No matter when you go, don’t forget water!

Freshman Kaylor Swayzee plans on spending some of her summer in Paris, France. While not everyone can afford to venture that far from home, taking a road trip with your family is a very popular way to spend your summer. It can be a great way to make new memories and gain new experiences.

Another Greenway student who plans on leaving the country is Freshman Minerva Siddarthan. She is going to visit her aunt in India for her wedding. There is also a lot of sight-seeing she might be able to fit in to her busy schedule of helping with the wedding.

For those who don’t want to leave the comfort of their home, something to do during summer is invite over a couple of friends and pull out the old board games and DVDs. It could be one big game/movie night with popcorn and staying up until the next day. This is also something anyone could do with their family.

Freshman Charity Maley plans on spending her summer at home, catching up on sleep and hanging out with friends. Why spend money on some big trip when you can have an amazing summer right here at home with your friends, family, and bed?

Freshman Lilliana Hardy also hopes to spend her summer in the presence of her friends and family. She says that the farthest she needs to go is to her friend’s house.

Sophomore Amber Hobbs doesn’t have confirmed summer plans, but she knows for certain that there will be a summer assignment or two. Even some of the best summers may involve a little homework.

No matter who you spend your summer with, or where you spend it, the most important thing is that you enjoy it.  Where do you plan to spend your summer?