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GWHS Letters Light Up My Life; They Give Me Hope to Carry On


Not many people know, but the GWHS letters in the front of our school now actually light up. Just recently installed these lights make our school more noticeable and spice up the front office. Mr. Vreeken and Mr. Feldman were the minds behind the improvement.

Students all over the campus have different opinions about the big letters that light up. Some enjoy these lights, some don’t care for them, and some people just haven’t even noticed them. Although GBC announced it during a broadcast, some people missed the report.

Abby Vallelonga said, “The light up letters are definitely cooler than the letters that didn’t light up; although, we could have used the money in other parts of our campus. But personally, I think that these lights helped our school out by attracting more students to come here and parents to bring their children to Greenway.” Some of the Greenway students actually like the light up letters and have noticed them. Like bugs to the fire they are attracted to light.

Daniel Huff said, “I never noticed them until just recently. Personally, I think that these letters are kind of cool, but we don’t really need them. We could have easily used the money for a lot better things on this campus.”


Some people don’t really care for them or still haven’t even noticed them.  Devin Archuleta said, “Honestly, they don’t matter in my opinion. They kinda are just there. Nobody from our school really sees them because we don’t come to campus at night. I just noticed it a few days ago because I practice club basketball here and they kinda just look more popped out.”

Helene White said, “I just noticed the lights not too long ago. I noticed them because I had volleyball practice and I was driving home and saw them.  I think we could have fixed up on our campus such as some of the water fountains not being cold or some of the water fountains not even working. Our school spent money to try and make our campus look better, but I like cold water.”

Our staff felt the need to implement this item into our school just so that our campus can shine out there and be noticed. Even if you don’t care for the sign or haven’t seen it, don’t hate it or dislike it because our school spent money wanting to help us have a better campus. The Greenway High School campus is a very nice campus and is still getting nicer by the days, so please do not trash the campus or even hate on it because we have come a long way.