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GREEN Babies Show the WAY


What has big eyes, chubby cheeks and a button nose?- a blessing for these parents without a doubt. There is no stronger love between two people than the love between a parent and their child, and many believe it’s the most significant relationship that can last a lifetime. Many of Greenway’s teachers have been blessed by a miracle this year.


Ms. Berg

Ms. Berg had her first child this year, a beautiful baby boy named Calcayel. She and her husband named him after her husband’s grandfather. As a new parent, Ms. Berg said she is both excited and terrified; adding that the best part of being a parent is the snuggles, and the hardest part would have to be the constant waking up at night. It’s a matter of teamwork and she and her husband make a great team. For new parents having a child can limit free time, but for her it wouldn’t necessarily limit free time but rather change her free time in a good way. Ms. Berg’s hopes for her son are for him to be happy and healthy, and she wishes nothing but the best for her child. She is overjoyed about being a new parent and said, “It’s crazy how life changes for the best I think.”



Ms. Dinovo

Ms. Dinovo was a mother of only Rhys, and now she recently had her second child Arya (specifically named after a character in the show Game Of Thrones). Now, she couldn’t be more thrilled. For her, being a parent is exhausting, challenging, and memorable all at the same time. “I didn’t know I could love someone so much until I had my children.” Working and parenting can be demanding, but Ms. Dinovo is able to maintain a busy schedule and gets a lot of work done when her kids are fast asleep. She said a parent’s time is devoted to their kids. The most challenging part for her is the lack of sleep, but she feels it is worth it because the best part she says is every smile and laugh. Every moment is a wonderful memory indeed.



Mr. Dudo

Mr. Dudo is excited without a doubt. This year, his first child was born, a handsome boy named Lucas. The name had been debated back and forth; it was a tie between Lucas (From Star Wars) or Logan (From X men). The Force was strong with this one. “Gotta win on the nerd front,” Mr. Dudo said, “It’s an amazing experience to be a parent. Lucas is a fun easy baby.  Although, it can also be very exhausting. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to watch him grow, learn, and develop a personality of his own.  The best part of being a parent is his seeing his son’s smile and nothing else matters. On the other hand, the hardest part is to try and not control too much and to instead, let his son learn on his own.  Mr Dudo’s hopes for his son is, “Whatever he does, I hope he’s happy and that he inherits a better world than ours, and that he shapes and forms it in his own special way.” Having his son he feels that the word “happy” doesn’t do it justice to how he feels.  The feeling is indescribable to be the father of Lucas.



Mr. Jarrell

Mr. Jarrell’s second child was also born this year, a baby boy named Oliver. His name was debated with his wife (she shot his names down), and so she named their son Oliver. Their two year-old daughter’s name is Emma. Mr Jarrell is very excited to be a parent of two now although, at the same time, he is extremely exhausted. Being a parent is incredibly fulfilling he says, but it does also limit free time. “Being a parent completely eliminates free time. If my wife and I want to go out on a date or have time to ourselves it often doesn’t happen. We have to arrange a babysitter in advance.  The best part of being a parent he says is being able to play with them and just watch them grow up and  smile. The hardest part is changing diapers at 3am when you have work in the morning.” He wants his children, “to have a meaningful, enjoyable childhood and grow up to accomplish all their dreams. I am very happy, but life has definitely changed. I found happiness in a different way then what used to make me happy.” Undoubtedly, family changes everything for the better.


Ms. Roberts

It has been nine magical months since Ms. Roberts had her first child, a beautiful baby girl named Rory (she was named after the show, Gilmore Girls). She is very excited to have had a child and looks forward to the future and watching Rory grow. Of course, being a parent is tiring, “ I can’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep,” she said. And although, it is challenging and at most times leaves no available free time, for Roberts, it’s worth it and isn’t a bother to have limited free time opportunities to go out because “I’m older as a parent, and I already got to do all that stuff, and now I’m not so much interested in going out at this stage in my life. The best part for me, is getting to watch her grow up all day and everyday and being entertained by her 24-7. I adored her before I met her and after I had her, I fell in love with her. She’s independent, curious, and has an amazing personality; it’s fun being a parent. However, the hardest part is working. I love my job; I’ve worked at Greenway for a long time, but if I could I would take five years off so I can be with her and teach her. I never thought I’d want to stay at home all day.” All-in-all, Ms Roberts couldn’t be happier; she hopes for her daughter to be happy, have a fun childhood, and be free from stress, as well as, grow up to be well adjusted-nothing but the best.

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to love someone before you’ve even met them, and by the the time you do meet, you fall in love all over again. A parent’s relationship with their child can last a lifetime, a love that goes beyond the moon and back, forever.